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THS14164 Single Line for Air Conditioning Systems - 1/4" x 1/2" Insulation x 164'

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  • Description

    A line set is required for installation of a mini split air conditioner and 1/2 inch insulation is recommended for all systems using R410A refrigerant. Line sets are also used in the installation of residential air conditioning systems as well as heat pump and light commercial installations.

    ISOCLIMA line sets are preferred by HVAC professionals and at Total Home Supply, we are pleased to offer them to our customers. They are constructed with a high quality copper for a leak-free and kink-free installation. The outer sheathing of the line set is a closed cell LDPE covering which is scratch and tear resistant but can be easily trimmed for your length needs. The material also holds up to harsh UV rays and heat. Additionally, the white sheathing makes for a clean installation.

    Typically a line set is two semi-flexible copper pipes which connect the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to the indoor air handler. Line sets include a liquid line and a suction line. Both lines are insulated on mini-split line sets.

    This item is a single line and is 1/4" in diameter. It can be used either as the liquid or suction line as needed for your air conditioner or heat pump installation.

    This single line includes 1/2" insulation and is 164 feet long. Included on the line set are 1 foot markings allowing you the option of cutting it to your desired length. Simply decide on the lengths needed and cut. Don't forget to order the flare nuts, up to 12, as required for your installation needs.
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