PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners) Units

Packaged terminal air conditioners and heaters (PTAC units) are great climate control options for apartments, condos, senior housing complexes, nursing homes, hotels, student dorms, assisted living complexes, sunrooms, and more. They are energy efficient and are mounted in outer walls using a wall sleeve, allowing the room's occupant to adjust their heating and air conditioning settings without affecting other units in the building. With a combination of heating and cooling as well as digital controls, PTAC units offer the user precise control to stay comfortable no matter the season. Working on a large job? Contact us for bulk pricing.

PTAC units are easy to install for the first time and even easier to replace. If you need help selecting a replacement for your existing PTAC check out our PTAC Replacement Guide.

Learn about PTAC Units

  • Cooling - All PTAC units have air conditioning. Several cooling capacities are available, but generally units come in 7,000, 9,000, 12,000, or 15,000 class BTUs of air conditioning.
  • Heating - All PTAC units available at Total Home Supply have electric resistance heating. Some units also have heat pumps. Heat pumps are more energy efficient, in some cases using 65% less electricity to produce the same amount of heat. Units with heat pumps, sometimes referred to have PTHP units, are usually a little more expensive up front, but can save you money on electricity usage in the long run. Keep in mind that heat pumps in PTAC units only work when the outside temperature is above about 30-40° F depending on the unit. They will automatically switch over to electric heat if the outside temperature is too low.
  • Voltage - Units can be purchased in either 208/240 volt or 265/277 volt. You must choose the correct voltage for your applications. They are not interchangeable. All residential and most commercial applications will require 208/240 volt units. These units are also sometimes referred to as 220 volt or 230 volt PTAC units. Some commercial buildings such as large hotels use 265 volt electrical service.
  • Amperage - PTACs can use 15, 20, or 30 amps depending on the units. The required electrical receptacle and breaker will vary depending on which amperage you have. Units such as those from Amana come from the factory preset for a particular amperage and cannot be changed. Units such as those from GE have interchangeable power cords that allow the unit to change its amperage. Simply select the appropriate cord on the product page.
  • Dimensions - All of the PTAC units we carry are 42 inches wide and 16 inches high. Depth varies slightly from brand to brand but units are made to be interchangeable. Other sizes of through the wall air conditioners are available, but Total Home Supply does not have any non-standard PTACs.
  • Makeup Air - These units provide dehumidified outdoor air into the room. They are alternatives to installing outdoor air ventilation systems. They are best for use in new construction projects where ventilation is required.
  • Inverter - Fredrich FreshAire series and LG PTAC units offer inventor technology. This new innovation allows the compressor to vary in speed and therefore BTU output resulting in higher efficiency and more even comfort.

Hotel Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Are you shopping for PTAC units for your hotel, motel, or commercial property? Be sure to check out our guide on PTACs and the other types of units that are available to you. Then, when you are ready to learn more fill out our simple form to get a quote customized to your needs.

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