How to Choose a Fireplace for Your Home

Interested in adding a fireplace to your home, but not sure how to choose one? You’ve come to the right place. Not only does a fireplace work as a great heat source during the colder months, but it also adds a cozy ambience to your home.

Our Fireplace Buying Guide is designed to help you learn more about the various types of fireplaces on the market so you can make an informed, quality purchase.

Find the Best Type of Fireplace for Your Home

While many people like the idea of a traditional fireplace, you may be interested in a more modern alternative such as a gas or electric fireplace. These fireplace types offer the same cozy aesthetic of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, without all the hassle and cleanup. Alternative fireplace types such as gas and electric fireplaces also offer more in the realm of efficiency, which makes these types of fireplaces a smart choice for conscious homeowners.

When choosing a fireplace, you'll want to be mindful of several factors before making a purchase. This includes:

  • Fuel type - Whether you opt for a natural gas, liquid propane or electric fireplace may depend on a few things, including your budget, whether or not you have a gas line installed, or whether or not you have a liquid propane tank on site.
  • Purpose of your fireplace - Will your fireplace be a supplementary form of heat, or will you be relying on it as a sole heat source?
  • Cost - Finances can play a big role in the decision for what type of fireplace you should purchase, as some models and fuel types can be more expensive than others.

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Download Our Gas & Electric Fireplace Guide

Gas LogsWe understand that when it comes to purchasing a fireplace, there’s a lot to learn and consider. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Fireplace Buying Guide to help make the process as simple as possible for you. This eBook will teach you everything you need to know to make a smart purchase that meets your specific needs. From choosing the right type of fireplace, to the right fuel type to narrowing down your options, we’ll help you find the right fireplace for your home.
Ready to heat things up? Download our Fireplace Buying Guide eBook now to learn how to choose a fireplace you’ll love for years to come.

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