Hotel Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Guest comfort is the most important part of a hotel stay. People want to have comfortable beds, but even more important than that is being able to keep their rooms at the temperature they want. There are many hotel air conditioner options when it comes to keeping guests comfortable and Total Home Supply has them all. From PTAC units to mini splits, we’ve got you covered. We offer tiered discount pricing on hotel AC units. Complete the below form for your personalized quote.

PTAC Units

PTAC, or packaged terminal air conditioners, are the most common heating and cooling solution for hotels, motels, assisted living, dorms, and more. Commercial grade and built to last, these hotel AC units are easy to replace and service when needed. Ranging from 7,000 all the way to 17,000 BTUs, we are sure to have one for your hotel heating and cooling needs. Depending on your climate, heat pump units as well as electric heat units are available.

PTAC Control and Energy Management Features

PTAC units are a popular choice for hotel air conditioners. They are designed to give the hotel owner utmost control. Special features are designed with your needs in mind, allowing you to save energy, time, and most importantly, money.

Temperature limiting allows you to decide the highest and lowest temperatures a guest can set to prevent overheating and overcooling. Easy-to-use digital controls are built in to every unit. You can also add a remote thermostat and motion sensor to control temperature setback when a room is not occupied. With built-in freeze protection, the unit will automatically come on when the temperature in the room drops below 40 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.

For total control, connect your PTAC units together and control them all from the front desk. Set the ideal temperature before your guest reaches there room without ever leaving the front desk. These systems can also provide alerts when a unit needs maintenance.

Amana DigiSmart System

Amana DigiSmart System with DigiSmart Controller

VTAC unit from outside hotel

VTAC Units

VTAC, commonly referred to as vertical PTAC, Vert-I-Pak, or package vertical air conditioners, are another popular hotel air conditioner choice. These are all-in-one heating and air conditioning units that are typically installed in a closet on an outside wall. The unit is then connected to ductwork which can feed into multiple rooms including the bathroom. Using dampers in the ductwork, you can control the flow of air to each room to achieve the perfect comfort level.

VTAC units provide even heating and cooling. Since these units are concealed from the guest, they are also quieter than some other types of hotel heating and cooling units.

Available from 9,000 - 24,000 BTUs, a single unit can be used to heat and cool even a large suite. VTACs can be hooked up to the energy management systems, giving you full control over guest comfort. These systems allow you and your staff to control the unit from the front desk while still allowing the guest to set temperatures.

VTAC unit installed in closet

Mini Split Units

If quietness and energy efficiency are the most important factors for you, then a mini split is your best choice for a hotel heater and air conditioner. These units have an outdoor condenser with one or more indoor evaporator units connected to it.

Since the noisy compressor is completely outside, your guests will only hear the indoor fan motor, which can be as quiet as 17 dB — quieter than a whisper. Along with that, mini splits also offer industry-leading energy efficiency. With SEER ratings up to 30, your guests will be loving their comfort while saving you money.

A wide variety of indoor hotel AC unit styles are available:

  • Standard wall mount units can be mounted high on a wall and out of the way.
  • Ceiling cassette units are also a great choice, requiring a unit to be installed in the ceiling rather than taking up any wall space.
  • Ducted units are also available. These units are completely concealed except for air registers giving the guest the true illusion of central air while allowing them to have full control over temperature and comfort. While most units come with remote controls, wired thermostats can replace these so you don’t need to worry about anything going missing.

Most mini split units include heat pumps. These heat pumps are much better than those found in PTAC and VTAC units with some offering heating even when the outside temperature is as low as -13°F. That means you can use a mini split as a primary heat source almost anywhere in the country. A 12,000 BTU mini split heat pump can use 5 or fewer amps to heat a 400 square foot space. A traditional electric heat PTAC can use 15 or more amps for the same space. That’s a 66% reduction in energy usage.

Mini Split Installed Over a Window

Window and Through the Wall Units

When space and budget are more important than anything else, there are still great choices available for you. We have many through the wall units that offer heating and cooling or just air conditioning if you’re only concerned about cooling.

Standard sized 26" through the wall units, sometimes called mini PTACs, are great for replacement or new installations. Smaller than traditional PTAC units, these are perfect for areas where wall space is at a premium or in legacy applications where it is difficult to upsize to a PTAC.

Window air conditioners and heat and cool units can also be used. These units are quick and easy to install and can be used in a pinch.

Through the Wall AC and Heater

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