Ventless Heaters

Total Home Supply carries a wide selection of ventless gas heaters, perfect for garages, shops, basements, and more. Browse through vent free propane heaters and natural gas space heater options below. 

The difference between these ventless units and their vented counterparts is that there’s no need to worry about venting through a chimney or wall. And because these heating systems are vent-free, installation is fairly easy. If you’re concerned about air quality and safety, units come with an oxygen sensor that will automatically shut off the unit when levels are too low. 

Our ventless gas heaters are ideal for providing supplemental heat to areas ranging in size from 300 square feet (10,000 BTU) up to 1,000 square feet (30,000 BTU). For this reason they are typically used as auxiliary heat sources. We offer both radiant/infrared units as well as blue flame vent-free units, which are highly efficient. There are many brands to choose from including Empire Comfort Systems, Sunstar, Rinnai and more.

Whether you're looking for a ventless propane wall heater or a natural gas heater that’s free-standing, let us help you keep your garage warm throughout the colder months — shop our selection now.

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