Gas Unit Heaters

Gas fired unit heaters are an affordable and effective way to heat garages, warehouses and industrial buildings of nearly any size. These propane and natural gas unit heaters are vented and boast high efficiency ratings. We sell both industrial/commercial gas heaters, as well as gas unit heaters approved for home use in a wide range of BTUs from 30,000 to 400,000. Our Modine and Reznor units are some of the most trusted in the industry.

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Guide to Gas Heaters

Are you unsure whether a gas unit heater is right for you? We break down the types of gas heaters (vented heaters, wall furnaces, vent-free heaters, blue flame, infrared/radiant) and fuel types to help you decide which gas heater is best for your particular space and needs.

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Steps to Better Garage Heating

Gas fired units are an effective and efficient way to heat a garage space. Learn about these units as we explore the different types of garage heaters along with other tips to help keep the heated air in the space.

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