DIY Mini Splits

MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Air Conditioners are the perfect choice for the homeowner who like to do it yourself. These air conditioners with heat pumps are great for spot cooling an area of your home. Whether you have an addition or a bedroom that is just not getting enough heating or cooling a MRCOOL DIY split is the best choice for you. The precharged line set allows for easy installation with no special tools and no need for a licensed HVAC technician. Four convenient size choices means that MRCOOL has the right size mini split no matter what kind of space you have.

Both 115 volt and 230 volt units are available. Integrated WiFi gives you control of your unit from anywhere with your smartphone. Never before has such a powerful and efficient mini split been designed from the ground up for DIY installation. If you're looking for an efficient cooling and heating system with straightforward installation instructions, a DIY Mini Split could be the perfect system for you.