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Williams Furnace Company 175301 17,500 BTU Ultra High Efficiency Direct Vent Wall Furnace

Williams Furnace Williams Furnace
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  • Description

    ​The new Ultra High Efficiency Direct Vent Wall Furnace from Williams Furnace Company is a great heating option for any home or office. It features a 93% AFUE rating and a 2-stage heat exchanger making it the most efficient direct vent furnace available. The high efficiency rating means it uses less fuel and less energy to keep you warm.

    This unit has 17,500 BTUs and is available in either Natural Gas (1753012) or Liquid Propane (1753011). The built-in thermostat makes selecting your optimal temperature easy to select and the electronic, digital touch pad panel is easy to operate. The control panel displays room temperature and mode. A wall-mounted thermostat (P322016) is also available (sold separately) to be used in place of the built-in thermostat.

    This Ultra Efficient Direct Vent Furnace is made to be installed against an outside wall and directly on the floor. If it being installed on carpet, a metal or wood panel for the full width and depth is required. It is a direct vent furnace and can be vented horizontally or vertically with up to a 50 foot duct run.

    This unit is a direct-vent furnace, which means that the air necessary for combustion is drawn directly into the chamber from the outside, allowing doors and windows to stay closed because no indoor air is used for combustion. The combustion products are then returned back through the vent to the outside, so that only clean, gentle, and consistent heat is delivered into the room. Direct-vent furnaces must be installed through an exterior (outside) wall, venting horizontally through the exterior wall.
    • Easy installation with PVC piping
    • Attractive, durable fresh-white finish
    • Rated for sea-level up to 4500 feet
    • 1/2" Gas Connection
    • Sealed-combustion safety technology uses no inside room air for operation
    • Read owner's manual before using/installing
    • Check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses
    • Servicing recommended by qualified service technician
    Professional installation by a certified gas technician is required for this item.

  • Tech Specs

    Heating BTUs
    Type of Venting
    Direct Vent
    AFUE Efficiency
    Gas Connection Size
    Ignition Type
    Electronic Ignition
    Clearance to Side Wall (in.)
    8 "
    Clearance Top to Ceiling (in.)
    24 "
    Clearance Bottom to Floor
    Width (in.)
    35 "
    Depth (in.)
    13 "
    Height (in.)
    29 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    1 Year
    Labor Warranty
    Combustion Chamber Warranty
    10 Year
    Vent Opening in Wall (in.)
    2.5 "
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