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Daikin BRP072A43 Wireless Interface Adapter for Mini-Split Systems

Daikin Daikin
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  • Description

    This interface adapter allows you to communicate with your mini-split system from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection. Once this adapter is installed

    It is not much to look at but with this adapter, comfort control is at your fingertips. Not only can you adjust your heating and cooling from away from home but you can also see any fault conditions that may have occurred. Each indoor unit needs its own adapter but all can be viewed and controlled at one time or adjusted individually. Below are a few screen shots:

    Display of units

    Display of mode and temperatures
    There are several functions available to you via the Daikin Comfort Control App.
    • Auto Mode - your system will change automatically between heating and cooling
    • Fan Mode - fan will run without heating or cooling
    • Heating Mode
    • Cooling Mode
    • Dry Mode
    • Schedule - allows adjustment or setting schedules remotely
    The Wireless Interface Adapter installs easily on the indoor unit and set up is quick once the app is downloaded. Registration and login are required but once complete, all connected units within your home network will be visible and controllable!

    Compatible indoor units include:
    • Daikin 15 Series - FTXN-NMVJU and FTKN-NMVJU units
    • Daikin 19 Series - FTX-NMVJU and FTK-NMVJU units
    • Daikin 20 Series - FTX-NMVJU and FVXS-NMVJU units
    • Daikin LV Series - FTXS-LVJU units
    • Daikin Multi-Zone MXS and MXL Systems- CTXS-LVJU, FTXS-LVJU, and FVXS-NMVJU units
    • SkyAir Systems - FTXS-LVJU units
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