Ventless Garage Heaters

A ventless garage heater is a heating system that does not require any outside ducts or venting, making it an economical and easy solution for homeowners and businesses who want to add heat to their garage or workshop. These affordable yet powerful vent-free garage heaters are available in a variety of configurations including blue flame (which heats the air) and infrared/radiant (which heats objects in the room) and are available in natural gas or propane fuel types. There are portable units on a floor stand and wall-mounted units with a mounting bracket.

Choose from  a wide range of BTUs to help you effectively heat both large and small garage spaces. Not sure which size or type of heater is best for you? Contact us and we'll be sure to help you find the perfect heater for your needs.

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Blue Flame vs Radiant (Infrared) Heating: What’s the Difference?

Learn the benefits and differences of these two types of ventless garage heating, whether propane or natural gas. The specific attributes of your garage (insulation, room size, etc.) will help determine which type of vent-free heater is best for your garage.

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