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Amana DD01E DigiDoor Occupancy Sensor for Amana PTACs

Amana Amana
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  • Description

    A combination door switch and room motion sensor. Using the DigiSmart Wireless Suite of products from Amana may reduce energy consumption up to 35%.

    The Occupancy Sensor can only be operated when the Amana PTAC is equipped with a DigiSmart Antenna (sold separately).
    • Combination door-switch and room motion sensor
    • Powered by 2 AAA batteries included in the kit
    • When room is unoccupied, sensor automatically activates the temperature set-back for the PTAC
    • Setback function, which is part of the DigiSmart standard Energy Management System (EMS) in the PTAC control board can be set up in 100,000 set-back combinations for maximum energy savings.
    • Communicates to the Amana DigiSmart suite of devices by way of an encrypted 2.4 Ghz signal using the 802.15.4 standard.
    • For the door sensor to operate, the in-room PTAC must be equipped with a DigiSmart Gateway Antenna, Model DT01A.
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