Mars Air Systems has been a leader in the air door field for over 50 years. Total Home Supply is pleased to be able to offer this line of Air curtains to our customers. Air Curtains create an environmental barrier against insects, dust and temperature differences. Mars Air Curtains are available with or without heat. We also offer these air curtains across voltages as well as single- and three-phase options when available. Air Curtains are available in several length options. You are sure to find one to meet your needs.

The High Velocity 2 Series (HV2) and Phantom 12 Series (PH12) each offer 1 horsepower motors and can be installed in an opening up to 12 ft. high with insect protection up to 10 ft. Each are available in heated and unheated options.

The LoPro2 Series is available in various voltages and lengths from 25" to 144" to meet all of your door criteria. The LoPro2 is only 8" high and is sleek and modern looking. These air curtains can be installed up to 8' high and offer insect protection up to 7'.

Should you need help making a decision on which type or size air door is right for you, our team of trained specialists is ready to help. Take a look at our Air Curtains FAQ or contact us today and we'll be happy to help you with your purchase.