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Seaira WatchDog 900C 90 Pints Per Day Crawl Space Dehumidifier with Condensate Pump

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  • Description

    The WatchDog 900 will remove 90 pints of moisture per day from your larger crawl space. It includes a built-in condensate pump. The use of a condensate pump allows you to drain the dehumidifier outside of the crawl space. This is especially helpful if you do not have a sump pump in your crawl space. The condensate pump lift on this unit is 15-feet.

    The WatchDog 900C is powerful enough to remove moisture from areas up to 15,000 cubic feet and produces a 370 CFM airflow. It also features strong, durable handles for easy maneuverability. The filter easily slides out from the front panel for cleaning or replacing. The side panels have easy access to the wiring through one panel and the condensate pump through the other.

    Crawl spaces are typically built underneath your home and are likely to invite pests and moisture in. Although crawl spaces allow for easier access to pipes, other problems such as dampness and darkness are inherent. These issues often lead to mold growth, which can be very unhealthy. By sealing or encapsulating your crawl space, removing any mold and mildew and installing a crawl space dehumidifier, many of these issues can be easily managed.

    This dehumidifier is Energy Star Rated and can operate in a wide range of temperatures from 33°F - 105°F. It also offers a wide range of Operating Relative Humidity Levels from 36% - 90%, though a typical setting is between 50% and 55%. You can also choose Continuous Mode so your dehumidifier will run constantly. A lower humidity level is used in this mode. The WatchDog 900 has a rated Condensate Capacity of 90 pints per day (at 80°F and 60% RH). The digital touch pad is easy to use and setting your humidity level and mode is simple.

    The WatchDog 900 is meant to be installed in a larger crawl space. Installation on a level surface is necessary but elevation is recommended but not required with this unit since it includes a condensate pump with a 15 ft. lift. However, it should not sit on the floor. It requires a 115V, 3 prong GFI outlet with a 15 amp time delay fuse. It should be placed in an easily accessible area with clear access for routine maintenance. You will also need to be able to direct the exhaust out of the space. If there is a particularly damp, out of the way area of your crawl space, the warm exhaust can be vented there to help dry it out.

    Maintenance is easy on this dehumidifier as well. The filter is washable and slides out easily. Once the dehumidifier is open, the filter can easily be removed and replaced.

    We have all experienced frozen condensate on our portable dehumidifiers. The condensate freezes and the machine shuts off until it evaporates. The WatchDog 900 has Hot Gas Bypass which prevents condensate from freezing on the evaporator coil. The HGB diverts the refrigerant vapor to the evaporator side, ultimately preventing frost from forming on the coil.
  • Tech Specs

    Coverage Area (cu. ft.)
    Installation Type
    Capacity (Pints per Day)
    Drain Connection
    12" Tube
    Energy Star
    Overall Depth (in.)
    23.4 "
    Overall Height (in.)
    17 "
    Overall Width (in.)
    13.7 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    1 Year
    Warranty Detail
    1 Year Parts (excluding transport); 3 Year Refrigeration Circuit (INCLUDING refrigeration and labor); 5 Year Refrigeration Circuit (EXCLUDING refrigeration and labor)
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