RH Peterson Real-Fyre EB-1 Black Embers

RH Peterson Real-Fyre RH Peterson Real-Fyre
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  • Description

    Enhance or refresh the look of your gas log fireplace with Real Fyre Black Embers thrown around the bed. Simply add the black embers on top of the sand in your burner pan to help create a more dramatic look to your already beautiful Real Fyre log set. The black embers will glow with a bright, charred ashen look when your fireplace is in use, while giving a more natural look when it is not in use.

    The Black Embers are made of rockwool material and come in a 6 ounce bag. Over the years, embers dull and lose their glowing effect. This bag of black embers can be used as replacement embers or to add additional embers to your burner system.

    It is for use with Vented Burners ONLY.
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