Daikin BPMKS049A3U 3 Zone Branch Provider Unit

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  • Description

    Daikin's new 8-Zone Multi-Split System, is the ultimate, flexible system for your individual comfort no matter what room you are in.

    The Daikin BPMKS049A3U is a three unit branch provider box. It is rated for a minimum connection of 7000 BTUs and a maximum connection of 62000 BTUs. You do not need to use all the ports available at the time of your initial installation. If you think you will be adding additional indoor units in the future, you can "cap off" the unused ports on the branch distribution units until that later time. Daikin also offers a 2 zone branch provider unit (BPMKS048A2U) which is rated to a maximum connection combination of 48,000 BTUs. Depending on how many indoor units you will be installing, the correct size distribution unit needs to be installed.

    Below is an installation example which shows how the branch providers function in an 8 zone installation. This installation requires one outdoor unit (RMXS48LVJU), two "y" connectors and three branch distribution boxes. The indoor units shown include 1 ceiling cassette, 5 wall mounted units and 2 slim duct ceiling units Of course, with the help of our sales staff, you can customize your indoor units to your requirements.

    Illustration of 8 Zone Installation
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