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GenTent GT10KB1U 10K Stormbracer - One Frame Adapter - Muffler Heat Shield Ready

GenTent GenTent
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  • Description

    With the weather becoming more violent lately, having a portable generator is more of a necessity than a luxury. However, for safety reasons, portable generators need to be kept a safe distance away from your home and they they need to be kept dry. That has been a problem because so often the times when you need to use your generator because you've lost power, is during a rainstorm. A GenTent Portable Generator Tent is the answer!

    Use this generator cover while your generator is running. Now you can safely use your generator during heavy rain and wind or any other weather with the GenTent Portable Generator Cover. Not only can you run your generator while it is covered, you can keep it covered for storage.

    GenTent has developed a clamping system along with canopies designed for the most popular makes and models of portable generators designed for use during the worst weather imaginable.

    This generator tent bundle includes a GenTent 10K Stormbracer Edition safety canopy and one frame adapter. The frame adapter provides a mounting point for the GenTent clamp when either a muffler shield or another obstruction would keep the clamp from being able to connect directly to the frame.

    We are able to now offer your choice of Assembled in USA or Made in USA product choices. For generator canopies "Assembled in the USA", the main canopy is made in China while all the hardware is made in the USA. For generator canopies "Made in the USA", all components are made in America. All USA products and components carry a 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship, while the Assembled in the USA products carry a 1 year warranty on the non-USA-made components.

    The GT10KB1U/GT10KC1U 10K Tent will fit several generators including:
    • Honeywell 6036, 6037, 6038, and 6039
    • Briggs & Stratton 30634
    • Generac GP3250, XG10000E, XP10000E and XT8000E
    • Steele Products SP-GG300, GG600N and GG750E
    Additionally, the GT10KB1U/GT10KC1U will fit many other brands of generators that range from about 3500 Watts up to 10,000 Watts. Adapters are included that will accommodate round tubular frames from 1" to 1.25" in diameter. Please feel free to contact us if your generator is not listed. Our sales staff can help you find the right GenTent canopy for your generator.

    GenTent now offers your choice of Assembled in the USA or Made in the USA, with each being available in two colors:
    • Assembled in the USA (1 yr Canopy / 3 yr Hardware Warranty):
      • TanLight with Black Trim (GT10KB1UTB)
      • GreySkies with Black Trim (GT10KB1UGB)
    • Made in the USA (3 yr Warranty):
      • TanLight with Black Trim (GT10KC1UTB
      • GreySkies with Black Trim (GT10KC1UGB)
    Products Assembled in the USA include Canopy Fabric from and Hook and Loop Closure from China, with all other parts being Made in America. Made in USA products include Canopy Fabric and Velcro Closure as well as all parts Made in USA. Non-USA-Made components come with a 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship (Canopy made in China) while the American-made components include a 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship.
    • Fabric: Waterproof, Marine grade vinyl coated polyester. This fabric has an operating range of -15° to 150° Fahrenheit
    • Clamps: Specifically designed for the GenTent frame and cover. Once clamp parts are mated they cannot fly apart if setting pin is accidentally removed
    • Frame: Consists of 4 fiberglass rods and a center connector made out of a high density polyethylene compound. When put together, its strength comes from how the components work with each other. The fiberglass rods apply an outward and upward motion when they are in place on the frame. This outward and upward motion is a key element to the stability of the GenTent during operation, and its strength to withstand heavy snow and high winds.
    • Actual product may differ slightly from item shown as GenTent sizing is based on the specific generator manufacturer and model the GenTent will cover.
    • Safely run your portable generator outside in wet weather - rain, snow, ice, sleet Universal fit for most portable generators up to 10,000 watts
    • Maintains portable generator's natural cooling air flow
    • Keeps the "portability" in your portable generator
    • Stormbracer Edition enhancements include wrap around door, larger refuel opening, larger top cap
    • Withstands winds up to 70mph and snow up to 18"
    • The GenTent ships complete with two electrical outlet protection skirts, one for the long side and one for the short side of your generator, where-ever the electrical outlets exist
    • Includes a universal clamping system that allows the GenTent to fit nicely on a wide range of portable generators from roughly 3,500 watts up to 10,000 watts
    • Adapters are included that accommodate round tubular frames from 1" to 1.25" in diameter
    Included in the package - four complete clamps, fiberglass frame rods and central connector, frame adapter, main generator tent canopy cover, short and long side canopy wraps, setup instruction/product safety manual.

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