Why Buy from Total Home Supply?

Here's an overview of what sets us apart, and you can find detailed information on each benefit below: 
  • Our comfort consultants will answer the phone, never a recording
  • We can help provide warranty parts for all the brands we carry
  • 100% Free Shipping
  • We're there to help you decide what you need, and will triple check to make sure you receive the right products
  • Your comfort is our top priority.

With so many choices on the market today, it can be tough to decide where to purchase your next heating and cooling product. Perhaps you’re wondering why you should give us your business, or what makes us different from similar HVAC stores. We understand — purchasing something like an air conditioner or a water heater isn’t something to be taken lightly! The purchase decision goes much further beyond just the price because you’ll be tied to your supplier for the lifetime of your product.

You want to make sure whoever you’re working with is reputable, trustworthy, and worth your time and money. Some suppliers may try to undercut the market and offer super cheap prices, but be aware of the support that’s offered post purchase which could present big issues. At Total Home Supply, our commitment to customer support goes back to our beginning.

Unparalleled Customer Support

People are the backbone of our business. Real people, not a recording, answer the phone. On the off chance all of our staff are busy, you will get a prompt call back rather than waiting on hold.

Our comfort consultants can help with pre-sales questions, installation issues, and any other post-sale support. We have a clear understanding of the products, which allows us to work with our customers to determine the right product for their needs. All support questions and issues go through us for the life of the product. While other sellers might just sell you the product and leave you hanging if an issue comes up, we’re here for you. A bonus of this? You may avoid having to get the installer involved, as most installers would charge for a service call.

Great Relationships with Manufacturers

We take pride in our longstanding relationships with top-notch manufacturers. We are an authorized online distributor for all brands that we sell. Total Home Supply is able to sell and provide parts for warranty claims for our customers.

We have specific relationships set up to provide warranty parts for all of the brands we carry. If you have a question about warranty or replacement parts for a specific brand, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free on all orders, no matter how small or large. We are capable of handling single piece orders all the way up to large commercial projects. We have supplied customers with projects requiring hundreds of units. Rest assured, our shipping is and always will be free to customers in the contiguous United States.

We also ship with the safest method of transport. Any product that is deemed too fragile to ship through the normal shipping systems will be shipped with a freight carrier to ensure that it arrives intact.

Attention to Detail

We carry a variety of speciality products that fit unique applications. If you’ve struggled to find a product elsewhere because it is too specialized, browse our website or contact us and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

We check each and every order for compatibility. We look for errors and try to correct anything that is wrong before it ships. This saves you time and frustration that might be more common when purchasing from other online home stores.

In a Nutshell, We Care

We care about our customers, our employees, and the products we sell. Our expert knowledge and professional, friendly service makes us the premier choice for any of your needs. Whether you’re in need of a more efficient air conditioner, an aesthetic yet quality fireplace, or a new humidifier, we love making people feel more comfortable in their homes.