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DiversiTech 230-D SpeediChannel Line Set Cover

DiversiTech DiversiTech
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  • Description

    The SpeediChannel line set cover is an innovative channel system designed to protect and conceal air conditioning line sets. Featuring a unique, two-part channel system, including a base and a cover. DiversiTech’s SpeediChannel segments set themselves apart with their durability and ease of installation.

    All SpeediChannel segments are 6 ½’ long, and are available in your choice of 3”, 4”, or 6” width sizes. Each segment consists of a base and a cover. The base attaches to a flat surface, like a wall or ceiling, and the cover fits over the top once the line set has been secured into place. The line set is held in place inside the base using SpeediChannel's special SpeediClips. SpeediClips can be fastened anywhere along the pre-molded internal rail on the inside of the base. Because other line set covers require the line set to be manually held in place during set-up, the SpeediClips effectively eliminate the need for a two-person installation, allowing you to protect your AC line set faster and easier than ever before.

    Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    • Segments and attachments are flat-bottomed, for a better fit even in and around corners
    • Paintable right out of the box; no primer or special paints needed
    • UV resistant
    • UL recognized in the US & Canada under file #E77075
    The Line Set Cover is available in 3" (230-D3), 4" (230-D4), and 6" (230-D6) sizes.
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