Bradford White RE2H50S6-1NCWT 50 Gallon AeroTherm Heat Pump Water Heater, 240 Volt/4500 Watts

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This item CANNOT be shipped to the state of Washington.
Bradford White RE2H50S6-1NCWT 50 Gallon AeroTherm Heat Pump Water Heater, 240 Volt/4500 Watts

Product Overview

When was the last time you even looked at your hot water heater? Hot water should not be something we take for granted. We all know when we turn on the faucet the hot water comes out and we wash up, clean our dishes or jump in the shower! Then one day BBRRR - no hot water. A conventional storage tank water heater will last only about 10 to 15 years. You do not want the cold water of a morning shower to be your wake up call! Today may be the day you decide to replace your water heater.

This 240 Volt/4500 Watt, 50 gallon AeroTherm Heat Pump hot water heater is an efficient way of getting hot water year round. It measures 60 3/4 inches high from the floor to the water connection and 21 3/4" wide. It has 2" of non-CFC foam insulation covering the sides and top of the tank, reducing heat loss, resulting in less energy consumption, improved operation efficiencies and jacket rigidity. The AeroTherm Heat Pump Hot Water Heater is Energy Star Qualified and includes 4 operating modes - heat pump mode, hybrid mode, electric mode and vacation mode.
The control panel on the AeroTherm has a user-friendly, easy to read display with LED that clearly indicate the operating mode. The display indicates, the water heater status, mode and set point as well as error messages when something isn't right! Each mode has its advantages. The Heat Pump Only Mode maximizes your savings and is the most efficient. The Hybrid Mode is the factory setting with which your water heater will be delivered. It combines both the Heat Pump efficiency and savings with electric recovery when necessary. The Electric Only Mode operates as a regular electric hot water heater without the airflow and sound you might experience in the heat pump mode. It also offers to fastest recovery time. In Vacation Mode the set point is adjusted down to 50° for extended periods of time so no savings are wasted!
An important feature when choosing a hot water heater is the Recovery Rise. A 90° recovery rise for this tank is about 21 GPH. In other words, when the cold water enters the hot water tank, it will take just about 15 minutes to rise 90° inside the tank. The operating air temperature range for this hot water heater is between 35°F and 120°F. When air temps are outside of this range, your unit will operate in Standard Electric Mode.
This unit is offered with both a 6 year and 10 year warranty. The RE2H50S6-1NCWT comes standard with a 6 year warranty. By selecting the "10 year warranty extension" above, the unit becomes RE2H50S10-1NCWT and includes the 10 year warranty.
The Energy Factor (EF) is used to determine the energy efficiency of the hot water heater. Recover efficiency, stand-by loss and cycling loss are all included in the energy factor. Typically, the higher the energy factor, the more efficient the water heater. The Energy Factor for this unit is 3.39. Cost of fuel however, will have an impact on annual operating costs.
  • Dimensions:
    • A - Floor to Heater Top: 59 3/16"
    • B - Jacket Diameter: 21 3/4"
    • C - Floor to Water Connection: 60 3/4"
    • D - C/L of Water Connection: 8"
    • E - Floor to T&P Connection: 38 7/8"
    • F - Floor to Condensate Connection: 46 13/16"
    • G - Water Conn. Size NPT: 3/4"
This item CANNOT be shipped to the state of Washington.

Tech Specs

Capacity (Gallons):
Fuel Type:
First Hour Delivery Rating (Gal.):
Uniform Energy Factor (UEF):
Includes Heat Pump:
Energy Star:
Optional Ducting Kit
Overall Depth (in.):
Jacket Diameter (in.):
Overall Height (in.):
Net Weight (lbs.):
Water Connection Size:
3/4" NPT
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Product Warranty

    RE2H50S6-1NCWT - 6 Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty
    RE2H50S10-1NCWT - 10 Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty