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LG PYOLVDKIT2 Online Connection Kit & Remote Management Access Card

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  • Description

    The online connection kit allows remote management of the thermostats in your building. Installation of the connection kit is as easy as connecting the antenna module, ethernet cable and power supply to your server. We have paired this together with the Remote Management Access Card PYRMVDAC2 (for use with motion and IR sensor thermostats) which is also requited for remote access.

    The PYOLVDKIT2 Online Connection Kit includes the server, antenna, antenna module network programmer, power supply, ethernet cable and USB cables for antenna and power supply. The network programmer assigns an ID to every thermostat and automatically joins programmed thermostats to the network.

    Remote Management Access Card (PYRMVDAC2) is for use with PYRCVDT02 Wired and PYRCVDWL2 Wireless Thermostats. These thermostats include a Motion and IR Sensor. The Remote Management Access Card is used in conjunction with the PYOLVDKIT for total remote management of all of your rooms. You can set up permissions and access any room information via a smart phone, tablet or computer for round the clock monitoring.

    Functions include Room Status so you know if any rooms are experiencing issues with heat or air, Room Occupancy to help hotel staff visits so as not to disturb guests and Room Efficiency to calculate energy efficiency in every room. With Room Detail, you can view the temperature and occupancy in each room as well as easily change the thermostat settings if necessary.

    The PYOLVDKIT2 must be used in conjunction with PYRCVDWL2 Wireless and PYRCVDT02 Wired Thermostats with Motion and IR Sensor. Thermostats are sold separately.
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