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Rectorseal Mighty Bracket Mini Split Installation Support Tool

Rectorseal Rectorseal
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  • Description

    The Rectorseal Mighty Bracket is the answer to your mini split, single person installation problems. The Might Bracket is constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic and features 20" support arms to allow easy access to the back panel of the indoor unit. The support bracket attaches to the mounting plate of your indoor wall unit. Once the Mighty Bracket is attached, the indoor wall unit sits securely on the bracket.

    There is no longer any need for an additional person to stand there holding the indoor unit and you won't need to balance the unit on a ladder or other jerry-rigged solution. The Mighty Bracket holds the indoor unit securely, freeing you up to make all the connections including the line sets, the condensate piping and electrical wiring. Once installation is complete, the Mighty Bracket is easily removed and folded up, ready for the next installation! A storage bag is included.
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