Commercial Ductless Air Conditioning

Is your business starting to feel a bit stuffy? Our collection of commercial ductless air conditioning systems offers a wealth of options for businesses looking for high-quality AC units to efficiently cool their space. With features such as quiet operation, mold proof air filters and built-in dehumidifiers, these commercial mini splits are the ultimate in comfort for commercial enterprises.

Whether you're a small shop, an office or a restaurant, our commercial ductless air conditioning products are here to make your business more comfortable and enjoyable for you, your customers and your employees. We're proud to carry top brands such as Daikin, LG and Panasonic to ensure you receive the best quality product available. Shop our collection today and take advantage of free shipping on any order.

Multi-Zone Mini Split Buying Guide

Our Multi-Zone Mini Split Buying Guide was designed to make the selection process quick and easy. Learn about all the types of units that are available, how to size your spaces, and why mini splits could be a good option.

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How Does a Mini Split Work?

Looking for more information on how a mini split system works before you determine if it’s right for your home? We cover the different parts of these cooling systems, including how each part works, the differences between single, dual-zone, and multi-zone, and much more.

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