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Eemax HATB007240 Autobooster Hot Water Heater Capacity Booster

Eemax Eemax
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  • Description

    No more cold showers without upgrading your current water heater! Whether your water heater feels a bit too small or you have additional people in your household since you last upgraded your water heater, the Eemax Autobooster may be the answer you are looking for. The Eemax Autobooster easily attaches to your hot water tank adding the science of a tankless heater without upgrading. The Autobooster is used to increase the productivity of your hot water heater - either gas or electric. Simply install the Autobooster directly onto the hot water outlet of your water heater. The Autobooster senses the temperature of the outlet and starts heating the water to your setpoint. If you don't need additional hot water, it won't heat additional water, saving energy and money. The Eemax Autobooster increases the your hot water tanks output capacity by almost 45%. That's like turning a 50 gallon tank into an 80 gallon tank. No additional space required! When installed on an electric heater, it uses the existing power supply - no additional outlet needed.

    Energy saving features including Vacation Mode, Eco Mode and Freeze Protection help to give you peace of mind whether you are home or away.
    • Vacation Mode gives you the ability to shut off the booster when you are away
    • Eco Mode you can set daily heating time frames for those busy times of the day when hot water is in high demand
    • Freeze Protection protects your electric tank against freezing if the tank outlet has fallen below 60°F

    The compact size makes it an unobtrusive upgrade. It is 8" high x 11.5"w x 3.75"d, with an external control knob for adjustable settings with a digital read-out display. The thermostatic control allows for temperature adjustments up to 140° in 1° increments.
    • Pigtail provided for tank connection
    • 3/4'' female NPT inlet
    • 3/4'' male NPT outlet
    • ETL Certified UL499
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