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Amana PTH094G35AXXX 9000 BTU PTAC Air Conditioner with Heat Pump - 20 Amp

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  • Description

    The 9100 BTU, 265 volt, cooling and heat pump unit is a great choice for year round comfort. The PTH094G35AXXX will provide climate control for a room that is about 300 - 525 sq. ft. This unit features an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 12.0. The heat pump will provide you with 8300 BTUs reverse cycle heating and also has a 3.7 kW electric backup heater. That is about 12600 BTUs of electric heat. Power is supplied by a 20 amp power cord. This unit is for commercial use only (building MUST be wired for 265 / 277 volt service).

    Amana PTACs have separate indoor and outdoor fan motors which work to create a quiet operating environment. This unit also features a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 28, meaning less outside noise makes it into the interior space. You will enjoy a quieter atmosphere whenever you are in the room. Amana PTAC units have been engineered, produced, tested and assembled in the US for over 35 years. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and built to last.

    Amana PTAC units help to make the best use of space in your room with a shallow 7 5/8" front extension into the room. The Stonewood Beige color will blend seamlessly into any space. The PTH094G35AXXX is installed through the wall. The front panel can be attached to the frame with a hidden screw. This helps prevent unauthorized meddling with the unit.

    Included on all Amana PTAC units is the 7-button touch pad and LED Display. The touch pad allows for easy-touch action control of the fan, cycles and temperature. Integrated diagnostic tools are included for fast diagnosis and repair. You can maintain total control even from a distance with a wired or wireless thermostat.

    Amana’s advanced condensate dispersion system allows for optimum cooling efficiency with minimum condensate run-off. The built-in 30-second fan-off delay gives you added cooling efficiency. Once the compressor stops the fan continues to disperse the hot or cool air into the room, rather than letting it sit on the coils.

    With Room Freeze Protection, when the unit detects temperatures of 40°F or below, the fan kicks on and the electric resistance heat will start to prevent freezing.

    With a dehumidification capacity of 2.2 pints per hour, this unit will work to keep lower humidity levels in the room while still allowing you and your guests to feel more comfortable at higher temperatures, ultimately reducing cooling costs.

    Keep the air clean and healthy by cleaning the easily accessible filters regularly. To ensure the utmost quality Amana run tests and leak tests all units at the factory.

    New installations require a sleeve and a rear grille. These items are not included with the air conditioner. Fits a standard PTAC Sleeve Size (WxHxD): 42" x 16 1/16" x 14 1/8".

    Advanced Features

    Amana PTACs are ideal for use in hotels where full control over the units is critical. Out of the box these units can be setup to have temperature limiting giving you the control over the maximum and minimum temperatures in the space all while allowing your guest to select any temperature they want. These settings are an easy way to save you money. Advanced wireless technology allows for the easy addition of a wireless thermostat and room occupancy sensor. Together, the thermostat and sensor not only make controlling the unit simple for your guests but it also offers you the opportunity to create automatic setback rules when no motion is detected in the room.

    Using the optional RF Antenna and DigiSmart controller you can take full control of all your Amana PTAC units. This system gives you site-wide PTAC configuration options, site wide PTAC diagnostics, a front desk system interface, and email reporting all through an easy to use web interface. Optimize your building for efficiency with the Amana DigiSmart System and save up to 35%!

  • Tech Specs

    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling Amps
    Cooling Watts
    Dehumidification (pts/hr)
    Includes Heat Mode
    Heat Type
    Heat Pump with Back-Up Electric
    Electric Heating BTUs
    Electric Heating Amps
    Electric Heating Watts
    Electric Heat Strip Size (kW)
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heat Pump Heating Amps
    Heat Pump Heating Watts
    360 / 270 (H / L)
    Energy Star
    Plug Face (NEMA)
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Vent Location
    Front Top
    Room Size Coverage
    Medium 300 - 525 Sq. Ft.
    Energy Saver Mode
    Control Type
    24 Hour ON/OFF Timer
    Remote Control
    Fresh Air Intake
    Sleep Mode
    Sleeve Required for Install
    Fits Sleeve Size (in.)
    42 "
    Type of Through-the-Wall
    42" PTAC
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
    Labor Warranty
    1 Year
    Compressor Warranty
    5 Years
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