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Panasonic 26PEF2U6 24000 BTU Concealed Ceiling Unit Mini Split Air Conditioner

Panasonic Panasonic
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  • Description

    A Concealed Ceiling Unit system is particularly useful for places which need extensive air conditioning solutions such as conference halls, show rooms and restaurants. With a concealed duct system, the indoor unit is installed in the ceiling and then can be ducted with short runs of duct work to other areas of the room all within the ceiling. The 24000 BTU concealed ceiling min split system allows you to duct to up to three ceiling vents. Although the iIlustration below shows 4 vents - blue arrows, this item can only vent to three. The pink arrow indicates the air intake grille.) 

    Example of Installation

    A wired remote is included and the system features 24 hour programmability, weekly timer, low ambient operation and auto-restart.

    Panasonic's inverter provides optimum power control and extremely efficient operation by changing the power supply frequency. The result is speedy, flexible operation that uses less electricity. The inverter constantly adjusts compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times. Once the set temperature is achieved, the inverter air conditioner continues to operate with minimum power.
    • Microprocessor-Controlled Operation - Microprocessor control ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in the room are always comfortable.
    • Wired Remote
    • Self-Diagnosing Function - Details of previous warnings are stored and can be verified on the liquid crystal display. This makes it easier to diagnose malfunctions, greatly reducing service labor. (Wired remote controller)
    • Dry Mode - By coupling compressor and fan operation, intermittent operation can be precisely controlled according to room temperature, so that air is efficiently dehumidified.
    • 3 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan Operation - Convenient microprocessor control automatically adjusts fan speed to High, Medium or Low. According to room temperature to maintain a comfortable airflow throughout the room.
    • Automatic Heating and Cooling Changeover (Heat Pump) - After setting the temperature and functions you desire, just relax. If the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling operation begins. If the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, heating operation begins. During normal thermostat cycle operation, cooling and heating operations automatically change in accordance with set temperature, time and room temperature. (Single Zone Heat Pump unit only)
    • Hot Start Heating System (Heat Pump) - Right from the start, air is warm and comfortable. The Hot Start Heating System prevents any cold blasts at the beginning while the heat pump is warming up. (Heat pump unit only)
    • Automatic Restart Function after Power Failure - This feature allows the system to automatically resume operation at its preset program, after power is restored from a power failure.
    • Low Ambient Operation - will cool with outdoor temps as low as 0°F and will heat with outdoor temps as low as 5°F
    • Electric Refrigerant Control Valve - The circulation volume of the refrigerant is controlled by a pulse type electric control valve. In order to attain optimum efficiency, when the power is switched ON, the opening degree of the electric control valve is controlled between 90 and 480 steps.
    • R-410A
    This unit must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician. Manufacturer covers parts only under warranty. Installer is responsible for labor warranty.

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  • Tech Specs

    Bundle Includes
    Indoor Unit Type
    Concealed Ducted Ceiling
    Energy Star
    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling BTU Output Range
    9500 - 24000
    Cooling Amps
    15.6 / 14.2
    Dehumidification (pts/hr)
    Includes Heat Pump
    Heat Pump BTUs
    Heating BTU Output Range
    8000 - 28600
    Heat Pump Heating Amps
    13.8 / 12.5
    HSPF (non-ducted)
    742 / 671 / 530 (H / M / L)
    Fan Speeds
    Room Size Coverage
    Extra Large 800+ Sq. Ft.
    Min. Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
    Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
    34 / 30 / 27 (H / M / L)
    Outdoor Unit Noise Level (dBA)
    Control Type
    Wired Control
    Wired Thermostat Optional
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Line Set Liquid Line
    Line Set Suction Line
    Maximum Elevation (ft.)
    Maximum Pipe Length (ft.)
    Pipe Length (No Addl Refr Req)
    Operating Range - Cooling
    0°F - 115°F
    Operating Range - Heating
    -4°F - 75°F
    Min. Outdoor Temp for Heat °F
    Inverter Technology
    Indoor Unit Width (in.)
    39.375 "
    Indoor Unit Depth (in.)
    27.563 "
    Indoor Unit Height (in.)
    11.434 "
    Outdoor Unit Width (in.)
    37 "
    Outdoor Unit Depth (in.)
    13.375 "
    Outdoor Unit Height (in.)
    30.719 "
    Indoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
    Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
    Labor Warranty
    Compressor Warranty
    7 Years
  • Manuals and Guides

  • Warranty

    Warranty Information

    • Parts: 5 Years
    • Compressor: 7 Years
    • Labor: None

    The warranty for this unit is for parts only, and does not cover labor or diagnostic services. Total Home Supply will handle all warranty parts requests for any mini split purchased from us, but installation and all troubleshooting for this unit must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician. Any fees the technician may charge are not reimbursable by the manufacturer or by Total Home Supply. Please call 877-847-0050 for more details or with any questions you may have regarding warranty information and installation of this unit.