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Sauermann SI30-230 230 Volt Mini Condensate Removal Pump

Sauermann Sauermann
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  • Description

    A condensate removal pump is used when gravity cannot route the condensation build-up from your air conditioner properly. The condensation is collected in the pump and routed through a tube to the drainage point, whether it is a sewer, a floor drain, a window or even through the wall and outside.

    The high performance Si-30 is suitable for air-conditioning units up to 5.6 tons (67 kBtu - 20 kW). The piston technology is specifically designed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems. The Si-30 is fully reliable, in any kind of environment. Its operating sound level will remain silent whatever the volume of condensates. It also boasts a low noise level (20 dBA) and small size with a low maintenance filter-free detection system.

    This mini pump can be used with air conditioners up to 5.6 tons (67 kBTU - 20 kW), wall split systems, consoles, fan coils, ceiling suspended units and ducted units.

    • High resistance to pollution created by general environment. Capable of discharging small particles
    • Proven reliability
    • Silent
      • Quiet in operation: 20 dBA independently tested.
      • The size of the air-conditioning unit and volume of condensates to be removed does not affect the operational sound level of the pump.
      • New mounting bracket specifically designed to reduce vibration transmission to the wall / panel or pipework
    • Easy to install
      • Compact design
      • New mounting bracket : allows the pump to be wall mounted or hung from ceilings and pipework
      • Plug-in power cord to make maintenance and replacement hassle free
    • Energy saving
      • Improved performance and high flow rate reduce operation time and energy
    • Kit Includes:
      • Piston pump
      • Anti-vibration mounting bracket
      • Plug in power cable with 2 safety switch wires (5ft - 1,5 m)
      • 6 tie wraps, 1/10" x 4" (2.5 x 100mm)
      • Detection unit SI2958, with (5 ft - 1.5m) cable
      • Detection unit installation kit: rubber elbow 90° Øint. 19/32" x 2"3/8 (Øint. 15 x L 60mm), Vent tube Øint. 5/32" x L 2"15/16 (Øint. 4 x L 75 mm), mounting rail, adhesive
        • Max. flow rate 5.0 gph (19 l/h)
        • Max. suction head 10 ft (3 m)
        • Max. discharge head 33ft (10 m); flow rate= 1gph (4l/h)
        • Max pressure 46 ft (14 m); flow rate = 0 gph (0l/h)
        • Sound level at 1m according to EN ISO 3744 (Measured at LNE lab, pump operating with water, out of application) 20 dBA
        • Sound level in application at 1m: (Measured in Sauermann acoustic lab, pump operating with water) ≤ 27 dBA
        • Mains supply 120V ~ 60 Hz - 14 W (SI3000SIUS11) 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz - 14 W (SI3000SIUS23)
        • Insulation class (double insulation)
        • Detection levels On=5/8” Off=7/16’’ Alarm=3/4’’ (ON: 16mm, OFF: 11mm, AL: 19mm)
        • Safety switch NC 8A resistive - 250 V
        • Thermal protection (overheating) 194°F (90°C) auto-reset
        • Intermittent operation cycle 30%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
        • Protection IP20
        • Safety standards UL/CSA certified by Intertek
        • RoHS directive Compliant
        • DEEE directive Compliant
        • Pump Unit: 2 5/8"L x 1 3/4" W x 2 3/8"H
        • Detection Unit: 2 1/4"L x 1 1/2"W x 1` 1/2"H
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