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Reznor UDAS-175 175,000 BTU V3 Vent Gas Fired Separated Combustion Unit Heater

Reznor Reznor
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Not Purchasable: Option Required Vent Kit is required.

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  • Description

    Reznor heaters have a long-established reputation for quality heat in a variety of applications. The V3 Series unit heaters were built to improve upon Reznor’s already excellent technology, and feature better efficiency, easier installation, and a new design both in and out.

    Boasting an impressive 83% thermal efficiency, Reznor’s UDAS heaters provide a high-quality heat performance and are available in 14 sizes to suit a range of heating needs. This unit, the UDAS-175 (175,000 BTU), is approved for commercial settings only, including warehouses, professional garages, and other industrial spaces.

    The defining feature of the UDAS models is their design as separated combustion heaters, meaning that the air used for combustion is pulled in from the outside or another room. This process helps ensure that all air introduced to the inside of the heater is fresh and free of harmful particulates, making these heaters particularly useful in settings where chemicals are stored or frequently used, and/or humidity levels tend to be high.

    The V3 Series heaters are easy to install, secured in place from 2 or 4 suspension points. Electrical set-up is easy as well, with a low-voltage terminal strip on the outside of the cabinet that makes connecting control wiring simple with no panels to remove. All units also have a factory installed gas line nipple to the exterior of the cabinet, for easy gas service connection.

    Reznor has made improvements to both the ins and outs of their UDAS heaters, for better performance and quality of use. New features include Reznor’s patented TCore2 titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger, as well as the addition of a "G" terminal to the strip and a newly designed circuit board, which allows for fan-only operation without adding relays. Externally, Reznor has developed a sleeker design that shows no front or bottom hardware -- look for the unique white unit with deep red louvers, black side handle, and angled corner to know you have a genuine Reznor unit by Thomas & Betts.

    • Certified for commercial/industrial heating application
    • 83% Thermal efficient
    • 50-60°F Rise range
    • T-Core2 titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger
    • T-Core2 single burner combustion system including a one-piece burner assembly
    • 115/1/60 Supply voltage
    • 115 Volt open fan motor with internal overload protection
    • Transformer for 24-volt controls
    • Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights
    • Multi-try direct spark ignition with timed lockout
    • Fan relay (included on the circuit board)
    • Single-stage natural gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 9,000 ft. elevation*)
    • Vibration/noise isolated fan and venter motors ~ designed for low noise operation
    • 2-pt and 4-pt Suspension ~ standard on all sizes
    • External terminal strip for 24-volt wiring
    • External gas connection
    • Full fan guard ~ engineered for safety
    • Improved cabinet design with less visible hardware
    • Approved for installation in the United States and Canada by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

    *Standard altitude up to 2000 feet requires no adjustments. 2001 to 6000 feet require adjusting the valve outlet pressure. Over 6000 feet require High Altitude Kit. (Please Call Customer Service at (877) 847-0050 for High Altitude Kit Pricing and Availability.)
  • Tech Specs

    Separated Combustion Chamber
    Heating BTUs (Input)
    Thermal Efficiency
    Heating BTUs (Output)
    Gas Connection Size
    Vent Connection Size (in.)
    5 "
    Control Amps (24 Volt)
    Full Load Amps (115 Volt)
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Normal Watts Consumption
    Discharge Air Temperature Rise
    Discharge Air Opening Area
    Output Velocity (FPMs)
    Noise Level (dBA)
    Width (in.)
    38.188 "
    Depth (in.)
    35.375 "
    Height (in.)
    20.125 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    1 Year
    Labor Warranty
    Warranty Detail
    Extended nine (9)-year, non-prorated warranty on the heat exchanger, burners, and flue collection box assembly. Extended four (4)-year, non-prorated warranty on all electrical and mechanical operating components
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