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Daikin FTXG15HVJU 15000 BTU Quaternity - Indoor Wall Unit

Daikin Daikin
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  • Description


    There's much more to the air in our own homes than we often consider -- temperature, humidity, odor, allergens, and airborne viruses and bacteria, to name a few. Thankfully, Daikin has considered all of this for us and has created the Quaternity mini-split air conditioner, a unit that boasts sensible cooling capacity, dehumidification, and air purification systems that consistently out-perform all other standard mini-splits while also using less energy, for all-around better air.

    An efficient dehumidification system is a key feature in the making of a comfortable living environment, often even more important than the regulation of air temperature itself. By regulating humidity levels in the air, the Quaternity's unique technology creates a cooler, more comfortable feel throughout the room without having to actually lower the room's temperature, preventing overcooling and the use of unnecessary amounts of energy. In fact, the Quaternity system takes energy conservation into account in all aspects, exerting hot or cool air only as needed, for less stop/start cycles than conventional air conditioners, an overall better use of energy, and ultimately less stress on the unit's compressor. Equipped, also, with a multistage filtration and flash steamer air purification system, harmful and bothersome odors in the air dissipate in an instant, leaving you nothing but a cool, comfortable, and pleasant atmosphere in any room where the Quaternity is installed.

    Controls Humidity
    • Simply set your preferred humidity setting for optimum comfort, and let Quaternity do the rest.
    • Advanced indoor heat exchange technology is one of the first of its kind, controlling indoor humidity levels by mixing the cool, dry air with warm air, resulting in consistent comfort throughout the entire room without overcooling or using unnecessary amounts of energy.
    • Highly efficient dehumidification works to prevent overcooling and wasted energy, by creating a comfortable environment without having to actually lower the temperature of the room.

    Purifies Air

    • Equipped with a multi-stage filtration and flash steamer air purification system, your air is purified up to 1,000 times faster than it would be by conventional plasma type systems.
    • Has been scientifically proven through independent labratory testing to be able to completely remove harmful and illness-causing bacteria (including E. coli bacteria) and viruses at a much more rapid rate than if such airborne elements were left to naturally deteriorate.
    • Works to dispel bothersome odors from household trash, cigarette smoke, exhaust particles, gas, and household pets for a more pleasant indoor experience. Also works to remove allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and mold spore from the air, for an overall healthier living environment.

    Energy Efficient

    • Inverter technology allows the unit to run consistently at varying speeds, delivering hot or cool air only as needed, which means less frequent stop/start cycles than conventional air conditioners and overall better conservation of energy, as well as better dehumidification and less stress on the compressor.
    • This innovative technology allows the unit to achieve up to SEER 26.1 (up to HSPF 11.0) and generate further energy savings during partial load conditions.
    • Advanced inverter technology gradually increases the compressor speed based on the capacity needed to cool down or heat up the room, ensuring that the unit is always using the exact amount of energy needed at a given time -- no more, no less.

    Heating Capacity

    • All Daikin systems in North America utilize inverter compressors, which can run at speeds greater than those used at nominal conditions, aiding in greater system performance, especially during low ambient heating.
    • The Quaternity system exceeds the standard split system capacity, with results up to 164% greater and more efficient than standard split units.
    This unit must be installed by a qualified, licensed HVAC technician.

    Parts Warranty: 5 Years Limited Warranty if unit is not registered / 12 Years Limited Warranty if unit is properly registered online.
  • Tech Specs

    Indoor Unit Type
    Wall Mount
    Cooling BTUs
    Cooling BTU Output Range
    5300 - 18000
    Dehumidification (pts/hr)
    487 / 371 / 258 (H / M / L)
    Fan Speeds
    Room Size Coverage
    Medium 300 - 525 Sq. Ft.
    Min. Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
    Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
    45 / 37 / 29 (H / M / L)
    Control Type
    Hand Held Remote
    Wired Thermostat Optional
    Line Set Liquid Line
    Line Set Suction Line
    Width (in.)
    32.031 "
    Depth (in.)
    8.219 "
    Height (in.)
    12 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    12 Years
    Labor Warranty
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