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White Mountain Hearth Sassafras Log Set - Choice of Vent Free Burner

White Mountain Hearth White Mountain Hearth
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  • Description

    White Mountain Hearth Sassafras Refractory Log Set is modeled after live Sassafras trees. Varieties of Sassafras are are found all over Eastern North America from as far north as Maine, and as far west as Iowa and Eastern Texas. Each log is hand crafted and painted for a realistic and impressive appearance in any fireplace. The log set will stack splendidly on an Empire Slope Glaze burner. The 18" set will look great in a 32 inch firebox without getting lost. Under the Minimum Firebox Requirements Tab you will find sizing details.

    With ceramic beads inside the Empire Slope Glaze Burners, the gas is forced to move around, which helps to create a more natural flame pattern, complete with dancing flames through and around the stack. Unlike a wood fire, vent-free gas logs generate consistent, controlled heat, without the mess, flare-ups and die-downs of a wood-burning fire. Get the look of a wood fire without the hassle of cutting the wood!

    Sassafras Logs are available in 18" (LS18-RS), 24" (LS24-RS) and 30" (LS30-RS) sizes. To correspond to your log set size, White Mountain Hearth's Slope Glaze Burners are available in 18", 24" and 30" sizes with several valve options to help meet your needs:

    • VFSM - Manual (No Remote Available) - operates manually with Off/Pilot/3 position heat setting knob; Cannot be used with wall thermostat or remotes
    • VFSR - Millivolt (Remote Available, Not Included) - Standing Pilot, On/Off Remote Ready, Manual Hi/Lo temperature regulator knob (Available Remotes / Thermostats - sold separately)
    • VFSV - Variable Flame, Height Control (Includes Remote) - Standing pilot with four level flame height control.
    • VFSE - Intermittent Pilot (Programmable Remote Included) - Electronic Ignition with Remote Thermostat and Variable Flame Height Control

    Both the VFSM (Manual) and VFSV (Variable) models are certified for installation in a vented fireplace. When installed in a vented application, each can only be used as a decorative gas appliance and cannot be operated with a remote. Your installer must block the fireplace damper partially open. A Damper Clamp is included for this purpose.

    Your complete set will include the Sassafras Logs and Burner/Grate Assembly (size, fuel type and valve chosen), Decorative Rocks, Glowing Embers (rock wool) for burner coverage, Valve Shield (VFSM model) and installation screws and damper clamp. The VFSV and VFSE models will include the Remote Kit.

    A licensed gas technician is required for installation of this product. This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket permanently located, manufactured (mobile) home, where not prohibited by local codes.Please check your local regulations as some areas may require inspection after installation of gas products. It is highly recommended that you use your own gas technician or gas provider for any repairs.

  • Tech Specs

    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Type of Venting
    Vent Free
    Fireplace Style
    Single Sided
    Log Style
    Size of Log Set (in.)
    18 "
    24 "
    30 "
    Warranty Detail
    Limited 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty (Except Remote Controls, Thermostats, Accessories and Replacement Parts)
  • Manuals and Guides

  • Minimum Firebox Requirements

    BTUs (Min./Max.) Req. Min. Rear Width (in.) (A) Req. Min. Depth (in.) (B) Req. Min. Front Width (in.) (C) Req. Min. Height (in.) (D)
    18" Slope Glaze Burners
    VFSM - Manual Valve 22,000 / 32,000 BTUs 21 14 32 17
    VFSR- Millivolt Valve 22,000 / 32,000 BTUs




    VFSV- Variable Flame Height 21,000 / 32,000 BTUs
    VFSE- Intermittent Pilot 26,000 / 32,000 BTUs
    24" Slope Glaze Burners
    VFSM - Manual Valve 22,000 / 36,000 BTUs 27 14 34 18
    VFSR- Millivolt Valve 25,000 / 36,000 BTUs




    VFSV- Variable Flame Height 24,000 / 36,000 BTUs
    VFSE- Intermittent Pilot 28,800 / 36,000 BTUs
    30" Slope Glaze Burners
    VFSM - Manual Valve 22,000 / 38,000 BTUs 30 14 38 20
    VFSR- Millivolt Valve 26,000 / 38,000 BTUs




    VFSV- Variable Flame Height 27,000 / 38,000 BTUs
    VFSE- Intermittent Pilot 30,000 / 38,000 BTUs