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Enhance the power of your gas heater with our selection of gas heater parts. Featuring useful products such as pilot assemblies, burners, gaskets, pressure switches and other essentials, our collection of gas heater parts and accessories offers all the essentials you need to install or maintain your gas heater.

While finding a performance-driven gas heater is half the battle, it's important to invest in quality parts and pieces to ensure you always have a reliable heat source for your home. That's why Total Home Supply only sells the highest quality Williams Heater parts and accessories for both vented and ventless gas heaters. Whether you're looking for a new motor, a gas line kit or something else, our trained staff is here to help you find exactly the right parts you need to get your gas heater up and running.

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Williams Furnace Company P332516 Pressure Switch
Price: $237.37
  • Pressure Switch
Williams Furnace Company P322894 Gas Valve
Price: $151.89
  • ​Gas Valve
Williams Furnace Company P501802 Burner Orifice
Price: $30.45
  • Burner ​Orifice
Williams DHCT14 Control Panel
Price: $53.25
  • ​Bottom Control Panel
Williams Furnace Company P322396 Pilot Generator Kit
Price: $60.11
  • ​Pilot Generator
Williams Furnace Company P332552 LP Gas Nozzle
Price: $34.97
  • ​LP Gas Nozzle
Williams DHRH14 Potentiometer for RH Adjustment with Harness
Price: $59.89
  • ​Potentiometer for RH Adjustment with Harness