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Daikin RMXS48LVJU Outdoor Compressor Multi-Zone Mini-Split for 2 - 8 Indoor Units

Daikin Daikin
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  • Description

    Daikin's new 8-Zone Multi-Split System, is the ultimate, flexible system for your individual comfort no matter what room you are in. The ability to connect from 2 to 8 indoor units to one single outdoor compressor reduces installation space and costs while maximizing comfort and energy savings. With a choice of three indoor unit types in a wide range of capacities, the 8-zone system allows mixed and matched combinations for absolute comfort in almost any residential or light commercial application. The RMXS48LVJU is rated for 48,000 BTU Cooling Capacity and 54,000 BTU Heating Capacity.

    Below is an installation example. The photo below illustrates an example of an 8 zone installation. This installation requires one outdoor unit (RMXS48LVJU), two "y" connectors and three branch distribution boxes. The indoor units shown include 1 ceiling cassette, 5 wall mounted units and 2 slim duct ceiling units Of course, with the help of our sales staff, you can customize your indoor units to your requirements.  

    Illustration of 8 Zone Installation
    Each indoor unit has its own control, so each room can be set to different temperatures. In this example installation, the individual units are connected to a single exterior unit by way of the 3 branch provider units and 2 "y" connectors. 

    Daikin offers two branch provider units to help customize your installation. There is a 2 zone branch provider unit (BPMKS048A2U) which is rated to a maximum connection combination of 48,000 BTUs and a 3 unit (BPMKS049A3U) which is rated to a maximum of 62,000 BTU connection combination. Each box is rated for a minimum of 7,000 BTUs connection combination. Depending on how many indoor units you will be installing, the correct size distribution unit needs to be installed. However, you do not need to use all the ports available at the time of your initial installation. If you think you will be adding additional indoor units in the future, you can "cap off" the unused ports on the branch distribution units until that later time.

      2 Zone Branch Provider   3 Zone Branch Provider

    When installing two branch provider units, you will need to install a "Y" branch or piping connection kit (KHRP26A22T) to the line set to one of the branch provider units. If installing three branch provider units (as illustrated above), you will need 2 connection kits. 

    Y Branch Connector

    The RMXS48LVJU is rated for 48,000 BTU Cooling Capacity and can be connected to almost any combination of indoor units up to 8, totaling 62,000 BTUs (max.). The unit must be connected to a minimum of 2 units with a combined BTU rating of 24,000 BTUs.
    • Outstanding heating performance down to 0° F with the optional wind baffle
    • Space-saving design
    • Quiet operation
    • Inverter "variable speed" compressor
    • Fully optimized for R410A refrigerant, recognized as the future industry standard
    • Anticorrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fin
    • Offers world-renowned Daikin technician support and customer service
      • Precision temperature control for individual rooms
      • Wide Angle Louvers
      • Vertical Auto Swing (up and down)
      • Horizontal Auto Swing (left and right)
      • 3D Airflow - Combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate cool/warm air to the corners of large areas
      • Indoor Unit Quiet Operation changes to an energy-saving operation. Using the intelligent eye, savings of up to 20% in cooling and up to 30% in heating, can be achieved.
      • Program Dry Function - This gives priority to reducing the level of humidity in the room rather that room temperature.
      • Automatic Operation - For unattended year-round comfort, this function allows the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling modes as required.
      • Auto Fan Speed
      • Hot Start - When the heating operation starts or when the unit changes from cooling to heating, there is no cold draught released into the room
      • Mold Proof Air Filter
      • Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Deodorizing Funtion - This filter combines the air-purifying filter and titanium apatite photocatalytic deodorizing filter in a single highly effective unit. The filter traps microscopic particles, decomposes odors and even adsorbs and deactivates bacteria and viruses. It lasts for three years without replacement if washed once every six months.
      • Wipe clean Flat Panel
      • Standby Electricity Saving
      • Powerful Operation
      • Remote Controller with backlit display
      • LCD Wireless Remote Control
      • Indoor Unit On/Off Timer
      • 24 Hour On/Off Timer
      • Night Set Mode
      • Auto Restart after Power Failure
      • Self Diagnosis with Digital Display
    • Ceiling Cassette Units (FFQ09LVJUFFQ12LVJUFFQ15LVJUFFQ18LVJU):
      • Decorative Cover (BYFQ60B3W1) included
      • Design flexibility
      • Efficient airflow distribution with vertical auto-swing
      • Customizable comfort with 5 freely selected airflow patterns between 0 and 40 degrees
      • Comfort without disturbance with a whisper quiet operation
      • Draft-free operation with horizontal air discharge
      • Seamless architectural design with the ability to sit flush into ceilings
      • Hot Start
      • Mold Proof Air Filter
      • Auto Restart Operation
      • 24 Hour On/Off Timer
      • Offers a built-in solution
      • Concealed and slim in height (less than 8")
      • Ideal for small areas and problem areas
      • Hot Start
      • Mold Proof Air Filter
      • Auto Restart Operation
      • 24 Hour On/Off Timer
    • Floor Standing Units (FVXS09NVJU, FVXS12NVJU, FVXS15NVJU, FVXS18NVJU)
      • Offers a built-in solution
      • Installs flush or recessed low on wall
      • Ideal for small areas lacking vertical wall space
      • Hot Start
      • Removable, washable, mildew resistant air filter
      • Weekly Timer
  • Tech Specs

    Number of Zones
    Maximum Number of Indoor Units
    Energy Star
    Cooling BTUs
    Includes Heat Pump
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Operating Range - Cooling
    23°F - 115°F
    Operating Range - Heating
    5°F - 72°F
    Min. Outdoor Temp for Heat °F
    Inverter Technology
    Max. Pipe Length/Zone (ft.)
    442 TOTAL
    Outdoor Unit Width (in.)
    35.434 "
    Outdoor Unit Depth (in.)
    12.625 "
    Outdoor Unit Height (in.)
    52.934 "
    Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    12 Years
    Labor Warranty
    Compressor Warranty
    12 Years
  • Manuals and Guides

  • Warranty

    Warranty Information

    • Parts: 5 Years Limited Warranty if unit is not registered / 12 Years Limited Warranty if unit is properly registered online.
    • Compressor: 5 Years Limited Warranty if unit is not registered / 12 Years Limited Warranty if unit is properly registered online.
    • Labor: None

    The warranty for this unit is for parts only, and does not cover labor or diagnostic services. Total Home Supply will handle all warranty parts requests for any mini split purchased from us, but installation and all troubleshooting for this unit must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician. Any fees the technician may charge are not reimbursable by the manufacturer or by Total Home Supply. Please call 877-847-0050 for more details or with any questions you may have regarding warranty information and installation of this unit.