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Honeywell DR90A2000 TrueDry 90 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier

Honeywell Honeywell
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  • Description

    High humidity levels in your home make it feel warmer and stickier. Sometimes you just think that lowering the air conditioner is the answer - it's not. All you do is over cool your home. A whole house dehumidifier rids your home of the exess moisture, making everything more comfortable and less sticky without lowering your thermostat.

    The Honeywell TrueDry dehumidifier will also help to prevent mold and mildew buildup. Other problems caused by excess humidity can also be alleviated such as musty, damp odors, warping wood and peeling paint. The DR90A2000 will remove up to 90 pints of water per day and cover up to 2800 square feet. An integrated MERV 11 air filter removes dust and particles from the air as it dehumidifies, helping to keep the air you breath clean.

    When humidity levels are low and the air quality is good, the DR90 can be used to bring fresh air into your home by simply opening the side damper.

    • Electrocoating on Coils: The coating helps to reduce corrosion and can prevent refrigerant leaks.
    • Control Choices: You can choose to use the integrated dehumidistat or connect the unit to a variety of external 24 volt controls.
    • Voltage 120 VAC; 60 Hz
    • Amps: 6.7
    • Energy Performance: 5.3 pints per kilowatt hour
    • Refrigerant: R-410a
    • Operating Temp Range: 34-135° F
    • Capacity:
      • 47 pints/day (60 ºF [15.6 ºC], 60 %RH)
      • 77 pints/day (70 ºF [21.1 ºC], 60 %RH)
      • 90 pints/day (80 ºF [26.7 ºC], 60 %RH)
    • Duct Connections:
      • 6 in Round Supply Inlet
      • 10 in Round Inlet
      • 10 in Round Outlet
  • Tech Specs

    Installation Type
    Capacity (Pints per Day)
    Coverage Area (Sq.Ft.)
    Drain Connection
    3/4 in. threaded female NPT, with attached 3/4 in. threaded male NPT
    Energy Star
    Overall Depth (in.)
    39.813 "
    Overall Height (in.)
    21.282 "
    Overall Width (in.)
    14.375 "
    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
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