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LG PCRCUDT3 Smart AC WiFi Adapter for Use with LG Duct Free Systems

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  • Description

    Did you forget to turn your AC off before you left for work, a business trip or vacation? Or maybe you are just coming home and you would like to walk into a comfortable house. Now you can turn your AC on or off remotely, with the LG Smart AC wireless device. Control of your LG duct-free mini-split system made easy. Simply connect the LG Smart AC adapter, download the LG Smart AC App and control of your mini-split system is yours no matter where you are as long as you have a wireless connection!

    The LG Smart AC consists of a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) module and a free smartphone app. And, yes, either an iPhone or Android are compatible. However, LG Smart AC is not optimized for tablets or laptops at this time.

    Simply download and install the app to your phone and register, accept terms and conditions,etc and then add the WLAN module to your indoor unit. You will need one module for each indoor unit you may want to control. For example, if you have a more than one system in your home, you will need a module for each system.

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    Once everything is installed, simply follow the prompts on your phone to finalize the pairing. You must complete your initial set up at home through your home's wireless connection.

    The Smart AC is NOW compatible when used with Multi-F Systems using standard wall units with Serial Numbers 0511****** or later include:
    • LSN090HSV4
    • LSN120HSV4
    • LSN180HSV4
    And Standard Wall Mount Single Zone units with Serial number 0511******* or later including:
    • LMN078HVT
    • LMN248HVT
    Other indoor wall units that are compatible with the Smart AC module are:
    • LSN240HSV3
    • LSN307HV3
    • LSN360HV3
    • LAN090HYV1
    • LAN120HYV1
    • User Smartphone Environment
    • Following minimum specifications are needed to successfully run the LG Smart AC app on a smartphone:
      • OS: Android 4.0 or higher
      • iOS 6 or higher
    • Resolution:
      • Android 320 x 480 or higher
      • iOS 960 x 640 or higher
    • Control – Use to make instant changes to temperature and fan speeds
    • Favorite Settings – Create or save an existing setting as a favorite
    • Advanced Functions – Control additional features such as purification, air flow, sleep timer, filter renewal date
    • Additional Settings – Register a/c unit, set temperature unit display (°F or °C), Help, etc.
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