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RH Peterson Real-Fyre GEO-S*-2S Set of Two Small Sphere Geo Shapes

RH Peterson Real-Fyre RH Peterson Real-Fyre
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  • Description

    This is a set of 2 Small Geo Shape Spheres, 3" in diameter. Geo shapes can add some additional panache to your contemporary fireplace. RH Peterson offers several shapes and sizes, that you can mix and match to add an eye-catching elegance to your Fyre Glass or Fyre Gem gas fireplace. Geo Shapes can also be used without glass as well as in gas outdoor firepits

    Geo Shapes are made of high-heat resistant ceramics and are available in ivory, slate and terracotta. The choice is yours. The photos included illustrate only 2 examples of the endless possibilities!

    The item sold here will include 2 Small Spheres (not a large and small as shown in photo). Each sphere is 3" in diameter. The additional quantities and shapes shown below are to illustrate color only. The spheres are shown in slate, the obelisks in terracotta, and the pyramids in ivory.

    Slate (GEO-SS-2S)

    Terracotta (GEO-ST-2S); Obelisk shape shown for color only.

    Ivory (GEO-SI-2S); Pyramid shape shown for color only.

    Several other shape options are available. These include Pyramids (GEO-P), Geo Domes (GEO-H), Geo Tetras (GEO-T), Geo Diamonds (GEO-D), Cones (GEO-C) and Spheres (GEO-S). Geo Shapes are available in sets of 2 large shapes only, a set of 4 which includes 2 large and 2 small shapes and a set of 2 small shapes only. The obelisk is only available as a set of 2 large. If there is a shape and color you would like in any other set option, please call Customer Service at (877) 847-0050. A representative will gladly assist you.
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