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LG PYRCVDWL2 Programmable Wireless Thermostat with Motion and IR Sensor for PTACs

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  • Description

    Comfort control for your PTAC at an affordable price. A wireless thermostat is perfect for properties where thermostat wiring does not exist or there are no thermostats do not already exists.

    This wireless wall thermostat offers the convenience of setting limits for heating and cooling. Set Point Limits prevent guests from setting the temperatures to extreme, energy-wasting levels - both hot and cold while Setback Limits control the temperature when the room is in setback mode. With Temperature Setback, the temperature automatically adjusts when the room is unoccupied. and controlling fan speed (high and low). This easy to use and easy to read thermostat has a large back-lit screen which displays temperature, mode, and speed and large, easy to use touch buttons for fan speed, F/C, Power/Heat/Cool, and up and down buttons to set temperature.

    This thermostat features a Patented Night Occupancy Mode which suspends all of the energy saving features while guests are sleeping so the thermostat will not shut off in the middle of the night. Its built-in Occupancy Sensor detects motion and thermal presences to determine whether people are in the room and adjusts accordingly. The Occupancy Sensor can also differentiate between guest occupancy and incidental occupancy which helps eliminate unnecessary These features all work together to help save you up to 40% on your energy bills.

    Included with the wireless thermostat is everything you need to connect the thermostat and your PTAC unit.

    With an additional Online Connection Kit (PYOLVDKIT) and Remote Management Access card (PYRMVDAC2), you can connect up to 1024 PTAC units (within 100 feet of each unit). and manage all of your units remotely, with either a smart-phone or a computer. Its "True Mesh Networking" allows for remote management of all of your PTAC units without interfering with existing wireless functionality and without the need for additional networking equipment!
  • Tech Specs

    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Control Type
    Stages of Heat
    Stages of Cool
    Use with Heat Pump
    Use with Gas/Oil
    Use with Electric Furnace
    Backlit Display
    Auto Changeover
    WiFi Ready
    Width (in.)
    4.688 "
    Depth (in.)
    1.25 "
    Height (in.)
    5.125 "