Portable Grills

When we think of portable grills, our minds typically flash to those small charcoal grills you often see during tailgating or at parks or campgrounds. While those grills have their own place in this world, our collection of portable grills offers even more to the serious griller who just doesn't want to commit to a built-in or freestanding grill. Built to last, these portable options are just as powerful as our other grills with the added bonus of mobility, making it easy for you to take these grills with you wherever there's an electric power source. Add useful features like LED thermometer gauges and stainless steel cooking grids and you're ready to grill some outstanding meals.

Our portable grills make great options for those who live in apartment complexes or condos that do not allow open flames, as well as for those who own an RV or a boat. With our handy electric table top grills, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite meals no matter where you are.