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White Mountain Hearth Ponderosa Log Set - Choice of Vented Burner

White Mountain Hearth White Mountain Hearth
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  • Description

    With 13 hand crafted, hand painted refractory logs, the White Mountain Hearth Ponderosa Log Set will make a long lasting impression in your fireplace. The beauty of the huge Ponderosa Pine is reflected nicely in this large 13 piece log set. The Ponderosa Pine stands almost 200 feet tall, and can be found throughout several states in western US and parts of Canada. Each log is hand crafted and hand painted to reflect the look of the dark, yet colorful bark and trunk of both younger and older trees for a most realistic look. The Ponderosa log set stacks beautifully on an Empire Vented Slope Glaze burner. See Minimum Firebox Requirements Tab to be assured you are selecting the correct size set for your installation.

    The logs are carefully modeled after real logs to provide you with the most realistic looking fire and burn pattern including flickering flames coming up through the logs. When gas logs are used in a vented installation, they are certified for decorative use only. The vented burners are not convertible for use in a vent-free installation.

    This Ponderosa Log Set is available in 18" (LS18-P), 24" (LS24-P) and 30" (LS30-P). Your choice of vented burners are available in corresponding sizes with two valve options. Vented burners are certified for use in an existing fireplace with an open damper flue making them ideal for installation in an existing fireplace fitted with a gas line.

    Vented burners include two valve options. The VSM burner is equipped with a manual gas valve, regulator and safety pilot. It cannot be operated with a remote or wall switch. It features an On/Off Control Knob. The VSR burner includes a millivolt valve with an On/Off Switch. The VSR burner can be operated with a remote control or wall switch (sold separately - see Accessories below).

    Your complete Vented Log Set will include the 13 piece refractory Ponderosa Log Set (your choice of size), Vented Burner Pan Assembly (choice of size, valve and fuel type), Glowing Embers, Damper Clamp, and Decorative Rock. Burners are not field convertible for use with any other fuel type and cannot be used in a vent-free installation.

    A licensed gas technician is required for installation of this product. This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket permanently located, manufactured (mobile) home, where not prohibited by local codes.Please check your local regulations as some areas may require inspection after installation of gas products. It is highly recommended that you use your own gas technician or gas provider for any repairs.

  • Tech Specs

    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Type of Venting
    Fireplace Style
    Single Sided
    Log Style
    Size of Log Set (in.)
    18 "
    24 "
    30 "
    Warranty Detail
    Limited 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty (Except Remote Controls, Thermostats, Accessories and Replacement Parts)
  • Manuals and Guides

  • Minimum Firebox Requirements

    Input BTUs / Reduced Input BTUs* Min. Front Width (in.) Depth (in.) Height (in.)
    18" Slope Glaze Burners
    VSM - Manual Valve
    65,000 / 40,000 BTUs

    VSR- Millivolt Valve 28
    24" Slope Glaze Burners
    VSM - Manual Valve
    75,000 / 50,000 BTUs

    VSR- Millivolt Valve 30
    30" Slope Glaze Burners
    VSM - Manual Valve
    75,000 / 60,000 BTUs

    VSR- Millivolt Valve 34

    * An additional main burner orifice is provided to reduce the input of the burner assembly.