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Mars Air Systems Phantom 12 Series (PH12) Unheated Air Curtain, 208-230/1/60

Mars Mars
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  • Description

    The Phantom 12 Series (PH12) of Mars Air Doors offers a variety of lengths to provide an environmental barrier to your space of up to 12 feet, while protecting your space from insects up to 10 feet. The PH12 is recessed into the ceiling, blending in to its surroundings while still offering performance and protection to your space.

    This unheated, 208-230/1/60 volt, air door also features 1 horsepower motor and its 15 1/2" height is recessed into the ceiling for a pleasing, less conspicuous aesthetic in your space. It includes a washable polyester filter and features durable aluminum construction. A variety of lengths from 42" to 144" is available. Some sample installation applications include shipping/receiving doors, customer entrances, cold storage rooms and many more. Ideal installation height is 10' - 12' for the PH12 series.

    The PH12 air curtain offers a cost efficient barrier that will blend in to any environment. Its durable metal construction is finished in a powder-coated pearl white finish to meet your design aesthetics. Units 42" to 60" long feature a single motor, units 72" to 120" feature a 2- motor design, and 144" units have 4 motors. Units from 84" - 144" feature a two-piece design and are installed in tandem.

    The profile of the PH12 is typically recessed into the ceiling with very little protruding from the ceiling.

    Profile of LPV2 Air Curtain
    To make your selection easier, the chart below lays out all the optional lengths available for the PH12 air curtain. Simply choose your length above based on your installation needs. A separate relay or relay with time delay is required to operate the PH12 air curtain.

    Several door switches are available. The door switch automatically turns the unit on when the door opens and off when it closes. Plus, it will continue running for a configurable period of time. When choosing the J0040 Time Delay, Surface Mounted Switch, a separate control panel is required. If choosing a door switch without a time delay, the options include a Steel surface mounted roller/plunger switch (99-014). An aluminum floor-mounted switch (99-124), and and aluminum surface-mounted switch (99-125) are also available and a control panel is required. Separate, externally mounted control panels are include the MCPB-1UD for single motor units (42" - 60"); MCPB-2UD for 2-motor units (72" - 120") AND MCPB-4UD FOR 144" unit (4 motors).

    Model Length Color Full Load Amps Sound (dBA) Volume Uniformity (%) Power Rating (Watts) Weight
    PH1242-1UD-PW 42" White
    5 amps70 2471 CFM 90% 1260 watts 90 lbs
    PH1248-1UD-PW 48" White
    5 amps 70 2534 CFM 89% 1345 watts 90 lbs
    PH1260-1UD-PW 60" White
    5 amps70 2759 CFM 86% 1535 watts 95 lbs
    PH1272-2UD-PW+ 72" White
    10 amps 73 4646 CFM 93% 2316 watts 155 lbs
    PH1284-2UD-PW*+ 84" White
    10 amps73 4942 CFM 90% 2520 watts 175 lbs
    PH1296-2UD-PW*+ 96" White
    10 amps 73 5068 CFM 89% 2690 watts 180 lbs
    PH12120-2UD-PW*+ 120" White
    10 amps75 5518 CFM 86% 3070 watts 270 lbs
    PH12144-4UD-PW*+ 144" White
    20 amps 75 9292 CFM 93% 4632 watts 310 lbs

    *PH12 84" - 144" ship as 2 pieces and are installed in tandem.


    The PH12 is also available in Black and Titanium Silver at an added cost. Please call Customer Service for lead times and pricing.
  • Tech Specs

    Max. Door/Window Height (ft.)
    Max. Height Insect Block (ft.)
    Depth (in.)
    26 "
    Height (in.)
    15.5 "
    ETL Listed, AMCA
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
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