Package Units

Packaged HVAC Units offer an all-in-one solution for dwellings or offices that may not necessarily have space for the separate components required of a typical central air and heating system. A packaged unit combines your cooling and heating needs all into a single system. There are several types of packaged units available. Some use only electric while others use gas and electric.

Two types of Packaged Units are available which are completely electric. These include Packaged Air Conditioners and Packaged AC Units with Heat Pumps. The first option is the Packaged Air Conditioner Unit which offers optional electric heater kits. This type is typically used in southern regions of the country where winter weather tends to be a bit milder than other regions. The second all electric option is the Air Conditioner with Heat Pump Unit. An optional backup electric heater kit may be available for these models as well.

Package Units are also available in combination gas and electric units. These types of units offer you a fuel efficient option for the cold days of winter. The basic Gas/Electric Package unit is probably the most sought after as it is an all-weather system. It features an electric air conditioner and a gas heater. The Dual Fuel Packaged Units, also known as hybrid units, combine just about everything a Packaged Unit has to offer in one complete system. Dual Fuel Packaged units include an air conditioner to cool and dehumidify in the summer while also providing a heat pump to heat in the spring and fall. Additionally, and similar to Gas/Electric Packaged Units, you also get gas heat to keep you toasty as the temperatures get colder in the winter.

Depending on the area of the country you live in, there is a packaged unit for you.