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LG ZLABGP04A Low Ambient Wind Baffle Kit

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  • Description

    A wind baffle kit is installed on the outdoor unit. The addition of a wind baffle allows the system to operate down to 0ºF in cooling mode.
    • Compatible outdoor units are equipped with necessary fan speed control
    • 4 zinc plated Phillips head screws #8 x 1/2
    This wind baffle is for use with LG's multi-zone systems:
    • LMU30CHV
    • LMU36CHV
    • LMU480HV*
    • LMU540HV*
    • LMU600HV*
    This wind baffle can also be used with outdoor units in conjunction with single zone systems that use ceiling cassettes or ducted concealed ceiling units indoors:
    • LUU187HV
    • LUU247HV
    • LUU367HV*
    • LUU427HV*
    *You will need 2 wind baffles (one for each fan). LG-ZLABGP04-2 includes 2 wind baffles.

    The wind baffle fits around the outdoor unit fan and measures 23-5/8"w x 23-5/8"h x 7-15/16"d.
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