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Panasonic CZ-RTC5 High-Spec Wired Remote Controller

Panasonic Panasonic
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  • Description

    Panasonic's CZ-RTC5 High-Spec Wired Remote Controller can be used as a stand alone temperature controller. It can also be paired with the CZ-CENSC1 to give you full ECONAVI control with specific units.

    With a ECONAVI ready unit, and the combination of CZ-RTC5 High-Spec Wired Remote Controller and the CZ-CENSC1 sensor you can experience convenience of Panasonic's ECONAVI Technology. ECONAVI Technology detects where the energy is wasted in your room and self-adjusts the cooling power of your system, reducing energy waste. It can detect whether there is activity in the room and add cooling power while, likewise it also detects the lack of movement and lowers the cooling operation of your unit, optimizing your power consumption.

    The CZ-RTC5 is for use with several Panasonic Single Zone indoor units including:
    • S-26PK2U6 Wall unit
    • S-26PF2U6 and S-36PF2U6 Ducted units
    • S-26PU2U6, S-36PU2U6, and S-42PU2U6 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes
    • S-26PT2U6, S-36PT2U6, and S-42PT2U6 Suspended Ceiling Units

    The controller features an easy-to-use touch key pad and a large 3.5" LCD with white LED Backlight Display. Basic operation controls include:
    • Louver Control
    • ON/OFF Timer
    • Weekly Timer
    • Auto Shut Off
    • Outing Function Menu
    • Energy Saving Menu
    • Initial Settings Menu
    • Ventilation Menu
    Depending on your mode, Filter Information, Quiet Operation Moe and Power Consumption Monitor may not be able to be used.

    Up to 1 group/8 units can be connected to this controller. However, when using the ECONAVI Sensor, connection of only one unit per controller is possible.

    The controller is 4.7"H x 4.7"W x .06"D.

    Replaces CZ-RTC3
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