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Seaira Storm ELITE 125 Pint Restorative Dehumidifier

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  • Description

    The Storm Elite Restorative Dehumidifier is the ultimate in restorative dehumidification! It has the ability to remove up to 125 pints of moisture a day with 325 CFMs. Once the desired setpoint is achieved, the compressor kicks on, drawing the damp air across the evaporator coil, and reheats it through the condenser coil and discharges back into the room. In the event of a power failure, Auto Restart is standard.

    The control panel is accessible on the top of the unit, just under the handle. It features easy to use, push button operation and an LCD monitor. The menu allows you to choose your humidity setpoint, set up auto start/stop and time cycles, plus you have the choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius for your temperature settings. The Storm Elite includes a Drain Pump Button as well, to remove any water left in the pumps reservoir. The LCD screen shows two lines of data when running. The first line will display the room temperature and humidity level, while the second line will alternate between the Job Time and the Humidity Setpoint.

    The included drain line is easily and quickly connected to the base of the unit and routed to draining location. The drain pump allows for a 15' vertical lift before reaching the drain. With optional ducting of this unit, you can connect to an adjacent room with 12" flex ducting attached to the inlet and discharge. The maximum duct run when using both is 20 feet. If only running ducting from either the inlet or outlet, the maximum run is 12 feet. A standard MERV-8 washable filter is included.

    For normal maintenance, simply removing a screw from each side latch and undoing the two base latches, the "clam shell" cover can be lifted from the back for easy access to all internal components. This access helps to make any maintenance and repair simple.

    Heavy duty construction with rugged molded plastic exterior and handle, heavy duty access latches and wheels make this dehumidifier easy to transport from job to job and set up quickly. Included is a 20 foot power cord with a 3 prong GFI, 115/1/60 plug.
  • Tech Specs

    Pints Per Day (80°F/60%)
    Ducting Options
    12" Supply Ducting
    Drain Hose/Tube Length (ft.)
    Power Cord Length (ft.)
    Sound Level (dBa)
    Operating Temp. Range (°F)
    33°F - 104°
    Operating Rel. Humidity Range
    21% - 95%
    Filter Type
    Amps (80°F/60%)
    Length (in.)
    27.5 "
    Width (in.)
    13.5 "
    Height (in.)
    17.5 "
    Warranty Detail
    1 Year Warranty on Parts (excluding transportation); 3 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Circuit (including refrigeration & labor ); 5 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Circuit (excluding refrigeration & labor
    Net Weight (lbs.)
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