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LG PQDSBC Dry Contact Module for Setback for LG Multi-F System

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  • Description

    The Dry Contact Module features evaporator platinum fins, mode change, lock function and error monitoring. It connects to an outside power source.

    ​The Dry Contact Unit enables the indoor unit to be controlled and monitored by third-party controls using binary input and outputs. The binary inputs are used, in sequence, to turn the indoor unit on/off, force thermo-off, set remote controller lock, set mode*, set fan speed and set occupied/unoccupied setpoints for setback depending on what setting has been pre-configured during comissioning. These inputs can take field supplied binary signals from a building automation system, timer, keycard switch, door/window switch, motion detector or similar occupancy condition sensor. The binary outputs provide two signals - one for indoor unit operation and the other for unit malfunction (error status). These outputs can be used for simple status monitoring or to enable external devices such as exhaust fans, outdoor air dampers/fans and lighting.

    *Set Mode choices are limited to heat, cool and fan only. Setting unit to operate in dry mode is not available.
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