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Amana DT01G-DS01E DigiTenna RF Antenna and DigiStat Thermostat for Amana DigiSmart PTACs

Amana Amana
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  • Description

    This package includes both the DT01G Digitenna and the DS01E DigiStat Thermostat.

    Amana DT01G DigiTenna RF Transceiver/Router Antenna for Amana DigiSmart PTAC Air Conditioners.

    By way of an encrypted 2.4 GHz signal using the 802.15.4 standard, the DigiTenna is able to communicate with any Amana DigiSmart PTAC. The DigiTenna mounts inside the PTAC, is powered through the PTAC and requires no batteries. This item is required for wireless DigiSuite RF devices to communicate with the Amana DigiSmart PTAC. Using the DigiSmart Wireless Suite of products from Amana may reduce energy consumption up to 35%.
    • Mounts inside PTAC
    • No Batteries necessary
    • Uses encrypted 2.4 GHZ signal

    Amana DS01E DigiStat Thermostat with Motion PIR for Amana DigiSmart PTAC Air Conditioners

    Designed to work with the DD01E Occupancy Sensor, the DS01E is equipped with a Passive Infrared Motion Sensor. The Digistat Thermostat can control your Amana PTAC from anywhere in the room.
    • The DigiSmart™ remote thermostat can control the Amana® DigiSmart PTAC from anywhere in the room
    • 4 AAA batteries included
    • Thermostat communicates with the PTAC through a 2-way encrypted Radio Frequency (RF) signal.
    • PTAC settings can be changed on the unit or on the thermostat
    • The antenna communicates to the Amana® DigiSmart suite of devices

    Some Amana DigiSmart PTACs may need additional software upgrades for RF devices and control compatibility.
  • Tech Specs

    Control Type
    Use with Heat Pump
    Use with Gas/Oil
    Use with Electric Furnace
    Backlit Display
    Auto Changeover
    WiFi Ready
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