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LG PRARS1 Auxiliary Heater Relay Kit

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  • Description

    The Auxiliary Heater Relay Kit is used to provide 2 stages of auxiliary heat for your indoor wall unit, ultimately giving you the ability to set your indoor unit as the primary or secondary heat source.

    It will operate with temperatures from 14°F - 158°F. The contact rating is 3 Amps @ 24VAC and the kit is 7.281"w x 3.406"h x 2.188"d. The relay kit is installed on the cabinet of the indoor unit or on the wall depending on your indoor unit (see installation instructions).

    Compatible Indoor Standard Wall Units:
    • LMN078HVT
    • LSN090HSV4
    • LSN120HSV4
    • LMN158HVT
    • LSN180HSV4
    • LMN248HVT
    Compatible Art Cool Mirror Wall Units:
    • LAN090HSV4
    • LAN120HSV4
    • LAN180HSV4
    Compatible Art Cool Gallery Units (Emergency Heat Function is not available with Aux. Heat Relay Kit):
    • LMAN097HVP
    • LMAN127HVP
    Required for use is a wired (PQRCVSL0Q OR PQRCVSL0W) or wireless remote controller (PQWRHQ0FDB).
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