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  • Description

    There are four colors of Amantii Fire Glass media available either as a replacement for or in addition to the fire glass that may be included with your fireplace. The fire glass media can be mixed to create a truly custom look inside your fireplace. Each color comes in an 11 pound box, which includes 2 bags of fire glass.

    Individual colors available include Goldenrod (HZ-05), Blaze (HZ-06), Sunset (HZ-07), and Sable (HZ-08). The Goldenrod and Blaze fire glass is more of a crushed glass media while the Sunset and Sable are more gem/oval shaped glass media.

    Now available is a mix of Clear, Sun Tea and Harvest Moon (HZ-12-EMBER). This Ember mix of media comes standard with many of Amantii Fireplaces.

    Also available is Himilayan Crystal Salt in White and Orange (HZ-09-SALT).
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