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Seaira Clean Shield 550 Air Scrubber with 3 Stage Filtration

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  • Description

    The CleanShield 550 Air Scrubber features an advanced 3-stage filtration process capable of removing debris down to 0.3 microns in size. Not only does it remove dirt and debris, it is designed to clean contaminated air of pollutants including mold spores. Depending on your filter choice, it can also take care of dust or odor control as well! The filtration system also expels airborne particles including pollen and pet dander. The CleanShield 550 Air Scrubber features 550 CFMs at high speed and only draws 3 amps!

    The variable speed fan is operated by simply turning the power knob to adjust the airflow. Airflow on this air scrubber range from 270 - 550 CFMs. Three CleanShield 550s can be linked together to give you up to 1650 CFMs on one circuit, however, you can only stack two units. The air scrubber can be operated vertically or horizontally. Stacking is not possible in the horizontal position. Also included is an on-board circuit breaker. The circuit breaker will automatically cut power if there are more than 12 amps passing through the circuit.

    This air scrubber is a perfect solution for cleaning the contaminated air often found in remediation jobs that include flooding or sewage debris. The CleanShield 550 can also be ducted on the inlet with a 16" duct or on the outlet with an 8" duct.
  • Tech Specs

    Control Type
    Power Cord Length (ft.)
    Ducting Options
    16" Intake / 8" Outlet
    Sound Level (dBa)
    MERV-8 / HEPA / Activated Carbon
    Width (in.)
    25 "
    Height (in.)
    23.5 "
    Depth (in.)
    16.5 "
    Warranty Detail
    1 Year (from date of purchase): Seaira Global warrants the machine will operate free of defects in workmanship and materials. At it’s discretion, Seaira will repair or replace any malfunctioning components, free of charge (excluding transportation costs).
    Net Weight (lbs.)
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