Suncourt DRY06 6" Duct Diameter Dryer Boosting Kit for Electric Dryers

Suncourt DRY06 6" Duct Diameter Dryer Boosting Kit for Electric Dryers

Suncourt Suncourt
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  • Description

    The Suncourt Dryer Boosting Kit is designed to help solve any problems you may have with airflow in residential, commercial or industrial electric dryers. The kit supplements your dryer fan to increase its efficiency. It has thermal overload protection, automatic reset, and a temperature rating of up to 140°F. A sensing switch turns the fan on and off when it detects current coming from the dryer. Only approved for use with electric dryers. This kit is designed for a 6" duct diameter.

    How It Works:
    The Centrax Dryer Vent Booster Fan is installed in the dryer vent duct line not less than six feet from the dryer. The Centrax Dryer Vent Booster Fan requires 120-volt power. When power is sent to the dryer, the fan will turn on and turn it off when the dryer shuts down. The switch for this booster fan is completely out of the air stream and can never clog.

    The Suncourt Centrax Dryer Booster Fan draws just over 1.0 amp making this kit one of the most reliable and energy saving Dryer Boosting Kits on the market. It features a thermal overload so if the temperatures get too hot, it will shut itself down and automatically reset when it cools off.
    • On/Off Sensing switch
    • Kit contains: Centrax centrifugal Fan, Mounting Brackets, Cable Ties, Current Switch
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    Net Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    5 Years
    Warranty Detail
    Limited 5 Year Warranty
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