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LG AYFDSV01A 42" 4-Piece Wall Sleeve

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  • Description

    A wall sleeve is required for all new PTAC unit installations. The purpose of a sleeve is to help bear the weight of your unit as well as protect it from the outdoor elements. Additionally, it helps insulate your PTAC system. Your 42" PTAC unit fits right into the sleeve, which is mounted through the wall.

    This 4 piece wall sleeve can be used with all LG 42" PTAC units

    • 42" Wide
    • 16" High
    • 14" Deep
    • Cutout Dimensions (HxD): 16 1/4" x 42 1/4"
    • Keyed Mating Parts
    • Lined with 1/4" Acoustical and Thermal Insulation
    • Includes Universal Indoor/Outdoor Mounted Weather Barrier
    • Made of Heavy Duty 20 Gauge GALVALUME® Steel*
    • Dual Extra Wide 1-1/4″ Safety Rear Overflow Slots
    • Powder Coat Painted in Soft Dove

    Rear Grille Key Hole Slots for Mounting.

    Welded corners on the base pan (no sealant or caulk used).

    Mounted Weather Barrier Included.

     A separate grille is also required and attaches easily to this sleeve.

    *GALVALUME is an internationally recognized trademark of BIEC International Inc.
  • Tech Specs

    Net Weight (lbs.)
    PTAC Parts