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Daikin 4MXS36NMVJU 36000 BTU Class Configurable Quad Zone Heat and Cool Split System

Daikin Daikin
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  • Description

    Get a total comfort solution for your entire home or business!

    Daikin 4 Zone SystemThe Daikin MXS Series of outdoor compressors offer a heating operation range of 5°F (with optional drain pan heater) up to 60°F and a cooling range from 14°F to 114°F. The MXS Multi-Zone Series also includes an enhanced drain pan. The new drain pan offers excellent drainage to reduce ice build-up in extreme conditions.

    A multi-zone mini split system is an excellent way to add air conditioning to more than one area of your home or office without running ducts everywhere. Each indoor unit operates independently so you can cool one room to 68°F, for example while another space may be set to 74°F. Whether you have just added an additional room or don't have central air, with the 4MXS36NMVJU Multi Zone Mini Split System you simply choose two, three or four indoor units based on your individual needs and before you know it, you will have cooling and heating in your space when and where you want it.

    The MXS multi-zone system, with inverter technology, works with several combinations of indoor unit styles and BTUs. Available BTUs range from 7,000 up to 24,000 BTUs depending on the unit type. Indoor units include the CTXS and FTXS Standard Wall units, the Emura Series Wall units CTXG, the Vista Series FFQ Ceiling Cassette units, FDXS Concealed Duct units, and FVXS Floor units. Contingent upon the indoor units you choose, the 4MXS36NMVJU outdoor unit will be able to achieve energy efficiency levels of up to 17.7 SEER, up to 9.2 EER, and up to 12.2 HSPF. Total comfort control with added savings!

    With Daikin's Quad-Zone solution, any four rooms can be controlled individually. The 4MXS36NMVJU Quad-Zone is rated for 36,000 BTU Cooling Capacity and must be connected to a minimum of two indoor units. A third or fourth unit does not have to be added right away - one or both can always be added at a later date. The combined BTU ratings of the units chosen can total up to a maximum connected BTU rating of 48,000 BTUs.

    With the technology that allows for higher connectivity, the Daikin 4MXS36NMVJU gives you the opportunity to connect four units with cooling capacities totaling 48,000 BTUs. This higher connectivity capacity gives the consumer more leeway with regard to the indoor unit options. It allows you to address higher load requirements used in different types of spaces such as living and sleeping spaces. Based on the square footage of the rooms you are conditioning, you may need two 9,000 BTU units, a 12,000 BTU unit and an 18,000 BTU unit. With the 4MXS36NMVJU outdoor unit, connecting these four units won't be a problem. The system will adjust and allocate the required BTUs needed in each area up to the total of 36,000 BTUs. Assuming all four units were running at the same time, the 9,000 BTU units would run at 6,200 BTUs, the 12,000 BTU unit at 8,700 BTUs and the 18,000 BTU unit at 14,900 BTUs. If fewer than four zones are running, the system will adjust accordingly.

    The 4MXS36NMVJU "variable speed" compressor with inverter technology features a space-saving design and quiet operation. Daikin's outdoor compressor allows the indoor units to operate with Reactive Temperature Monitoring. This technology allows you to set your room temperatures while the system will automatically adjusts the output required to reach your desired temperature levels. It uses R410A refrigerant, the industry standard. It also includes anti-corrosion treatment of the outdoor Heat Exchanger Fin.

    Daikin offers great variety and configurability in your selection of the three indoor units for this system. All indoor units offer a variety of fan speed options and auto restart operation. You can use the drop-down boxes above to customize your system. If you need help deciding or have any configuration questions, our sales staff would be happy to help you. Contact us for expert advice.

    Indoor Unit Options

    Daikin Standard Indoor Wall Unit

    Indoor Wall Units (CTXS07LVJU, FTXS09LVJU, FTXS12LVJU, FTXS15LVJU, FTXS18LVJU, FTXS24LVJU) - Each indoor wall unit comes in a white finish and will fit flawlessly into any room decor. It can be installed on an interior or exterior wall and is connected to the outdoor compressor through a small opening in your wall, drilled behind the unit. The line set and wire (required, sold separately) are sent through the opening and connect to the compressor outside. A wireless remote is included for convenient operation from anywhere in the room. Available in 7,000, 9,000, 12,000, 15,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTUs.

    Daikin Emura Wall Unit

    Emura Indoor Wall Units (in White) (CTXG09QVJUW, CTXG12QVJUW, CTXG18QVJUW) - The Emura wall unit offers an updated, unique shape and will add a modern flare to any decor, while still blending quietly into any room. Like the standard wall unit, it is installed high on a wall and connects to the outdoor compressor through a small opening drilled in your wall, behind the unit. The line set and wire (required, sold separately) connect to the compressor outside through this opening. A wireless remote is included for convenient operation anywhere in the room. Available in 9,000, 12,000 and 18,000 BTUs.

    Vista Ceiling Cassette Units

    Vista Ceiling Cassette Units (FFQ09Q2VJU, FFQ12Q2VJU, FFQ15Q2VJU, and FFQ18Q2VJU) - The Vista Ceiling Cassette is a beautiful addition to the Daikin Line. The 2' X 2' Decorative Cover is included (BYFQ60C2WIW). It can be installed In a regular ceiling or a drop ceiling. In a drop ceiling, it will only occupy a single ceiling tile. Installation flexibility gives you the option of two, three or four way airflow. From the ceiling, it connects to the outdoor compressor through a small opening drilled in your wall. The line set and wire are required and sold separately. Additionally, no remote is included with this item but a wall mounted thermostat (BRC1E73) as well as an infrared remote (BRC082A42W) are available. 9,000, 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 BTU units are available.

    Slim Duct Unit

    Slim Duct Units (FDXS09LVJU, FDXS12LVJU, CDXS15LVJU, CDXS18LVJU, CDXS24LVJU) - Slim Duct Ceiling units are installed in a ceiling and hidden from view. The Daikin Slim Units are less than 8" high and require ducting as well as registers. The placement of the registers allows the conditioned air to be dispersed into the space where you need it. Depending on the size and shape of your space, a concealed unit can be ducted for multiple rooms or one single room. As an example, a 12,000 BTU unit will provide comfort control up to about 400 - 550 sq. ft. A wireless remote is included with each unit. 9,000, 12,000, 15,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTU units are available.

    Floor Standing UnitFloor Standing Units (FVXS09NVJU, FVXS12NVJU, FVXS15NVJU, FVXS18NVJU) - A floor standing unit is a great option for a built in solution that provides heat at the floor level. It installs flush or recessed on the wall and is perfect for spaces that lack upper wall space. The unit itself measures about 27.5"W x 23.6"H x 8.25"D and is available in 9,000, 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 BTUs.

    Daikin 4 Zone Layout

    The 4MXS36NMVJU can be used with 2, 3 or 4 indoor units. Above, is an example of a four zone layout in a single-family house.

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    This unit must be installed by a qualified licensed HVAC technician.

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  • Tech Specs

    Number of Zones
    Maximum Number of Indoor Units
    SEER (non-ducted indoor units)
    SEER (ducted indoor units)
    SEER (ducted & non ducted)
    Energy Star
    Cooling Amps
    Cooling BTUs
    Includes Heat Pump
    Heat Pump BTUs
    HSPF (non-ducted)
    Outdoor Unit Noise Level (dBA)
    Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
    Operating Range - Cooling
    14°F - 114.8°F
    Operating Range - Heating
    5°F - 60°F
    Min. Outdoor Temp for Heat °F
    Inverter Technology
    Pipe Length (No Addl Refr Req)
    Max. Pipe Length/Zone (ft.)
    Outdoor Unit Width (in.)
    34.25 "
    Outdoor Unit Depth (in.)
    12.625 "
    Outdoor Unit Height (in.)
    29 "
    Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
    Parts Warranty
    12 Years
    Compressor Warranty
    12 Years
    Labor Warranty
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  • Warranty

    Warranty Information

    • Parts: 5 Years Limited Warranty if unit is not registered / 12 Years Limited Warranty if unit is properly registered online.
    • Compressor: 5 Years Limited Warranty if unit is not registered / 12 Years Limited Warranty if unit is properly registered online.
    • Labor: None

    The warranty for this unit is for parts only, and does not cover labor or diagnostic services. Total Home Supply will handle all warranty parts requests for any mini split purchased from us, but installation and all troubleshooting for this unit must be performed by a licensed HVAC technician. Any fees the technician may charge are not reimbursable by the manufacturer or by Total Home Supply. Please call 877-847-0050 for more details or with any questions you may have regarding warranty information and installation of this unit.